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Valuing water

We know, many will think “here is another world day in favor of a just cause” by storing it on the shelf of “useless days” whose assumptions, we admit, are sometimes quite frivolous.

Water, however, is not a pretext to speak on social media or populate agendas of long seminars.
We at IMESA work daily with water, for 50 years we have seriously “engaged” with this vital resource that our planet gives us, committing ourselves to respect and use it with conscience.

Changing old and bad habits is not easy.
Until the middle of the last century, the most common way, and almost always the only one available, to wash fabrics and dishes was to open the faucet and make flow liters and liters of water, soaping and rinsing at will.
Technology, with the invention and diffusion of household and industrial equipment, such as washing machines and dishwashers, has come to our rescue by lightening our tasks and offering us consumer-friendly solutions.


It is important that we transmit and teach the young people respect for our planet and the intelligent use of resources.

Only 2.5% of the water on earth is fresh and this alone forces us to limit waste as much as possible. According to the WHO, consuming more than 50 litres per day per person is a waste. In Italy, warns Istat, the average is around 245 liters of water daily per person of which only 1% is used for drinking while the majority (39%) is used for shower and bath. Let’s imagine that just to brush your teeth, if you don’t close the faucet, you get to waste up to 30 liters of water a day.
The malfunction of the water networks, then, causes a dispersion of water whose national average is 40%.

The theme of Water World Day 2021 is “valuing water”.
The value of water goes far beyond its market value, it has an enormous social and cultural value.
The protection of our natural environment depends on how we manage “blue gold”, the water.

In addition to engaging as individuals, we at IMESA, through technology, are committed to meeting the necessary requirements to make our products “smart”, providing our customers with tools that can act and work better and sustainably.