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Social inclusion, an example of success.

“We want to help people with disabilities.
It doesn’t matter how old they are.
We help children with disabilities.
And adults with disabilities.
And the elderly with disabilities”

It is the precious mission of the Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderungen Bremervörde/Zeven GmbH Association (Germany)

Health care, school, therapy, work, sports and living together.
The association takes care with professionalism and respect of special people, whatever their age, turning on a light on their present and their future.

Among the many activities managed by the Association there is also a laundry where “Care is our saying”.
Washing, flat ironing, garment finishing, rental service of table and bed linen …. Total Care of linen.
With a laundry collection point in the centre of Bremervörder, the association also offers an excellent laundry service to outdoor facilities, including health-care facilities and tourist facilities.

A part of the staff is composed of guests of the Association, the technology is IMESA.

The need to ensure its guests maximum safety and minimum risk of contamination is met by 2 pcs  D2W aseptic barrier washing machines – 55 Kg capacity – and  1 pc aseptic barrier washing machine D2W – 18 Kg capacity –
The D2W aseptic barrier washing machines are equipped with two doors, one for loading and one for unloading, to allow the loading of dirty linen in the room dedicated to its reception and the unloading of clean linen from the opposite side, in a separate room.

IM11, the IMESA laundry software, designed and built in-house, allows total control of the machine and washing programs in every detail, ensuring flexibility at the highest levels for optimal customization of work cycles.

Excellent drying performance is achieved by the tumble dryers series ES – 2 pcs ES 55Kg capacity and 2 pcs ES 18Kg capacity, all steam supply.
IMESA dryers are the optimal solution for medium/high productivity laundries. The inversion of the rotation of the basket also allows a significant reduction in consumption.

The installation was handled by our partner

The friendly-use IMESA machines also allow the employment of not highly specialized personnel, in front of a basic training program.

Happy and proud to be part of the family Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderungen Bremervörde/Zeven Gmbh.