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Industrial Laundries

IMESA’s “High Capacity” range of machines designed to satisfy the production and quality requirements of industrial laundries includes:

  • The LM series: 100 – 125 kg industrial washing machines
  • The ES series: 55 – 75 kg tumble dryers
  • The MCM series: 2500 2800 3200 mm long, 500 diam. drying ironers

Computer touchscreen, SMART functioning and simple programming are the main features that make the “high-capacity” range ideal for treating a wide range of items. IMESA machines are easy to programme and use; identifying and memorising the ideal programmes for specific types of delicate wash facilitates everyday work.

IMESA’s “high-capacity” machines are robust and built to resist the numerous work shifts typical of an industrial laundry.


IMESA offers a wide choice:

  • The LM series: 32 to 125 kg professional high spin washing machines
  • The ES series: 34 and 75 kg professional tumble dryers
  • The MCM DRYING IRONER series: 2500-2800-3200 mm long drying ironers


  • New industrial laundries
  • Modernisation and/or expansion of industrial laundries


  • Maximum ease of use
  • Maximum remote control of machines
  • Maximum programming flexibility
  • Maximum care of all types of fabric
  • Maximum washing and drying efficiency
  • Maximum machine reliability


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imesa, industrial washing machine, lavatrici industriali
imesa, industrial washing machine, lavatrici industriali

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