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Health Care and Welfare Sector

Taking care of the ill and the elderly is important and IMESA’s products for nursing and retirement homes makes this possible.

IMESA has a solution for the various needs for productivity: professional high spin washing machine and tumble dryers with different capacities for treating all items, from garments to bedroom and kitchen linen.
Professional flatwork ironers to iron flat linen for an excellent result.

Do you need to guarantee your occupants maximum safety and zero contamination risk?
The solution is the D2W line of hygiene barrier washers. With two doors, one for loading and one for unloading, it enables the dirty linen to be loaded in the dedicated dirty linen room and the clean linen to be unloaded from the opposite side in a separate room.


IMESA offers a wide choice:

  • The D2W series: 18-23-30-55 kg hygiene barrier washers
  • The LM series: da 8 a 125 kg professional high spin washing machines
  • The ES series: 18a -75 kg professional tumble dryers
  • The FI series: 1000 to 2000 mm long flat work ironers
  • The MCA series: 1500 to 2100 mm long drying ironers
  • The MCM DRYING IRONER series: 2500-2800-3200 mm long drying ironers


  • Nursing homes
  • Retirement homes


  • Maximum hygiene
  • Maximum standards of cleanliness
  • Maximum programming flexibility
  • Maximum man-machine interaction
  • Maximum washing efficiency
  • Maximum machine reliability


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IMESA has the right solution for your needs.

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