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Customer Service

An efficient laundry guarantees maximum productivity.

Correct equipment maintenance guarantees a smooth running laundry.

For us, providing an impeccable, fast and reliable assistance service comes naturally.
That is why we work day after day to offer you a special experience through our products and our services.

Your needs are constantly at the centre of our attention.
We have your success at heart.

We are aware of every single need and issue and respond quickly and effectively to the various requests.
We can offer advice and solve numerous problems, even after the machines have been in operation for a long time.


To offer each customer a tailored service, we have cancelled any distance of space and time.
The revolutionary Computer Touch Screen IM11 with INTERNET connection and mounted on the whole range of washing machines IMESA, is our IoT.

Through IM11 we can offer all our customers an unlimited set of economic and operating benefits, wi-fi technology and cloud platform.
The real revolution is the complete human/machine interaction that results in a constant dialogue between the washing machines IMESA, the user, the installer and our after-sales service.

imesa customer service

The IM11 Computer, in fact, besides being designed to adapt to the working characteristics of the different users, has been equipped with a dedicated platform IMESA.

The IMESA platform is the focal point, it is the basis for generating and transmitting the data that every player in the sales network wants or needs.

To reach the washing machine through this channe, simply connect and subscribe to the IMConnect portal and then access the information provided and granted to the different User and the different levels: Macro Information, Machine Selection, Monitoring and analysis of machine behaviour, geolocation and data collection, organization and data historization, management cost analysis.

Thanks to the power and convenience of the new IM11 touch screen by seven inches, and to the technological excellence of six boards assembled within one, this system manages in an integrated way safety, interfaces, motors, inverters, IOT communication with IMConnect portal, in addition to detergent pumps that each customer will supply at will with products of his choice.

IM11 allows to manage the machine remotely and, through the potential of telemetry, to control the instant consumption of energy, water, detergent and time

This information is decisive and, if checked scientifically, allows the user (laundry) to quantify the real cost of one kilogram of linen.

The total management of the machines, and consequently of the activity, allows to optimize the production and the relative costs, becoming consequently more competitive on the market.

Our aftersales office and dealers guarantee a prompt and competent aftersales service for an ideal and fully-functioning laundry at all times.
We always recommend contacting IMESA certified and accredited technicians.
IMESA certified technicians attend training and refresher courses, making them genuine experts in IMESA machines.

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