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IMESA is following a long and stimulating process of transformation of all business processes with the aim of creating an organization that can be considered an excellent example to follow.

The Lean System, to which we are inspired, is an organizational model in which we strongly believe and want to become an integral part of our culture and organization.

imesa people
imesa people

Every day we strive to motivate our team and get everyone involved in the process of transformation and improvement.
Our value and our competitiveness lie in the development and strengthening of our people on whom we invest every day.

2019 is the YEAR OF TRAINING towards the Transformation.
In IMESA is spreading the “growth virus” : Grow to improve!

IMESA is made of people and our people grow up together, STUDYING, LEARNING, APPLYING.

imesa people


IMESA has always had a special relationship with local sporting events.

IMESA supports sport as a way of life and as a means of growth. Young people who approach a sports discipline, immerse themselves in an educational and formative experience that will influence their growth.
Sport, like the business, stimulates team work, team membership and the enthusiasm to continually embrace new challenges.

Planet Equitrek A.S.D. – San Dona di Piave


The fascinating world of horse riding has always been for IMESA a “working environment” for which to study ideal solutions to the cleaning. Planet Equitrek A.S.D. based in San Dona di Piave is now part of the IMESA family and it is with great joy that we support their activities and their spirit.

B&P Cycling Academy So.L.Me. – Olmo


It is the sport of asphalt, of climbs and descents, of the mountains and the sea, of rain and the unbearable heat, of the fans at the roadside.

This is the sport that IMESA is happy to promote in this 2022 in which finally also the sport “of all and for all” can start again.
IMESA has joined the B&P Cycling Academy So.L.Me. – Olmo 2022 family, supporting the UNDER 23 TEAM, 10 athletes, each with its qualities, its potential and its dreams of glory.


Volley Pool Piave

2019/2020 Season

This year IMESA supports the Volleyball Pool Piave, a team that grew up between San donà di Piave and Noventa di Piave. In five decades of engagements in women’s volleyball, this sport club has reached the first place in the national youth ranking. These goals can only be achieved by sacrifice, dedication and belief.

Italy Rugby Fire Brigades

Japan 2019

What metaphor can explain team spirit better than rugby? Rugby is a sport in which all are called to play their part, with sacrifice and without fear.
If the team represents one of the most beloved uniforms in the world, the Fire Department, IMESA is happy to contribute to bring their message around the world!

imesa people


Music and cinema accompany the most beautiful moments of our lives and give us unforgettable memories in time. The artistic MADE IN ITALY is recognized and appreciated all over the world and IMESA is happy to support it in all its forms.

imesa people

A Child is Born 2019

Benefit event in favor of ABC,
Association for Surgical Children of the BurloGarofolo Hospital of Trieste

A Christmas event with music and solidarity conceived and directed by Maria del Rovere, who sees many musical guests alternate on stage to raise funds for a great cause. IMESA is close to the association and all the families involved.

49° Giffoni Film festival

Giffoni movies Days San donà di Piave

Giffoni Experience is one of the most complex and articulated cultural projects in the world. Recognized as a leader in the sector, has for 50 years been designing, producing and carrying out countless projects and events dedicated to the target children, adolescents, young adults and families, both in Italy and abroad.IMESA is a supporter of this great project which offers children the opportunity to get in touch with the reality of cinema and express their imagination.

imesa people


We collaborate with schools in our province with the aim of showing young people the opportunities that the world of work offers them. Teach them to seize opportunities and increase their skills.

CFP Don Bosco

April 15th, 2019

A day in the company of  CFP DON BOSCO students, talking to them about industry, future and dreams. We have opened our doors to a group of young people because IMESA has always invested in young people by believing strongly in them.

imesa people

IS Antonio Scarpa e IT J. Sansovino

November 15th, 2022

In collaboration with Assindustria Veneto Centro, we hosted the ISTITUTO SUPERIORE ANTONIO SCARPA of Motta di Livenza (TV) and the ISTITUTO TECNICO J. SANSOVINO of Oderzo (TV) for a total of 54 students.
Boys and girls met with some representatives of the IMESA staff with whom they could confront and to whom they could submit questions and curiosities.
For our part, we do our best to ensure that these days are constructive and that they provide a relationship of continuity through support to school internships.

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