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School and Business

On November 18th,  2022, IMESA opened its doors again to schools and young people of our territory.

IMESA supports for years the project SCHOOL – BUSINESS, a relationship that we consider fundamental to prepare young people for the working world and the future.
Greater school-business integration that stimulates “know-how” is the lever to encourage the development of extra-school skills that can open the doors to ideas and awareness, towards a path of study and work more appropriate to enhance individual attitudes.

In collaboration with Assindustria Veneto Centro, we hosted the ISTITUTO SUPERIORE ANTONIO SCARPA of Motta di Livenza (TV) and the ISTITUTO TECNICO J. SANSOVINO of Oderzo (TV) for a total of 54 students.
Boys and girls met with some representatives of the IMESA staff with whom they could confront and to whom they could submit questions and curiosities.
For our part, we do our best to ensure that these days are constructive and that they provide a relationship of continuity through support to school internships.

The IMESA-SCHOOL project does not stop with high schools, it also and especially involves the universities with which, for some years, we have started research and innovation projects aimed at continuous improvement.

Our doors are always open to research, collaboration and schools. We strongly believe in confrontation and teamwork and therefore invite you to contact us for new projects and new ideas.