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EASY or SMART ironing? Now you can choose!

Easy is: easy to use, easy to install, easy in maintenance, easy to appreciate!

The new IMESA FI EASY Line is the basic line dedicated to customers wholook for a simple but high-performance flatwork ironer, at an attractive price. The control  unit is electromechanical, simple but effective, the ironing pressure is fixed while the ironing temperature is adjustable by digital thermostat. A basic version to meet the primary needs of ironing.

But now you can choose!
On your FI EASY Line you can add suction, the inverter for the electronic control of the ironing speed and the roll coating in NOMEX as an alternative to cotton. Et voilà, a simple but equipped machine as you wish.

If you are looking for the TOP OF THE RANGE, the full optional machine equipped with the latest technology, the flatwork ironers FI SMART Line IMESA is the answer: SMART because equipped with advanced interactive features, SMART because highly performing, SMART because it is aimed at all groups of customers.

All inclusive! IM10 digital control and programming, the best you can find on the market, electronic control of the ironing pressure, control of the ironing speed through inverter, automatic speed-temperature compensation, suction, Cool-down function and Nomex coating: ALL STANDARD.

The IM10 interface, now with new graphics for better UX, allows the modification of the ironing parameters even during the work cycle. Compatible with Industry 4.0.

Test our ironing quality: choose FI EVO.Line.