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Why opt for an in-house laundry?
The best restaurants dedicate maximum attention to the quality of the dishes they serve and their image. The best restaurants stand out for the care and attention they lavish on customers, right down to the smallest detail.
What does the customer want? QUALITY, CLEANLINESS AND ATTENTION.

Serving on perfectly spotless ironed tablecloths and dressing the staff in perfectly treated uniforms is a matter of image and attention to the customer.
A satisfied customer is the best publicity!

When you decide to have your own top quality or customised linen, then difficult stains of grease, wine, fruit and lipstick are every restauranteur’s worst nightmare.
With IMESA machines, the linen is treated with maximum care, avoiding damaging the fabrics through the use of excessively aggressive detergents and sanitising agents.

Thanks to IMESA’s professional washing machines, tumble dryers and flatwork ironers, the advantages of an in-house laundry are not limited to customer satisfaction alone, but also result in savings in management costs.

And when there is not enough space? The IMESA solution goes by the name of TANDEM! A stacked washing machine and dryer for a perfectly functioning 18 kg/h laundry in less than one square metre.


IMESA offers a wide choice of machines:

  • The PROEasyLine series: 6.5 and 8 kg washing machines and dryers
  • The LM series: 8-11-14-18- 23 kg professional high spin washing machines
  • The ES series: 10-14-18 kg professional tumble dryers
  • The TDM series: 11-18 kg combi washing machine and dryer
  • The FI series: 1000 to 2000 mm flatwork ironers
  • The MCA series: drying ironers diam. 33cm


  • Restaurants
  • Catering companies


  • Controlling the laundry process is important to offer the best possible service.
  • Controlling the laundry process helps keep costs down.
  • Controlling the laundry process ensures the most suitable treatment for each fabric, avoiding damage caused by aggressive products and with cycles in respect of the environment.


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