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October has been for IMESA a month full of commitments and many satisfactions.

The EXPO DETERGO INTERNATIONAL 2022 has been for us a brilliant stage on which the best IMESA of the last decades has been staged. Products, services, staff and many new features, all designed and built for a single important spectator: the IMESA customer.

After the exhibition we welcomed customers to our headquarters in Cessalto (TV) for two days of Open Day Event dedicated to the national and international market. The success was exciting!

Our guests have lived our company in a dynamic and engaging way, in a path that has led them through the different aspects that only a manufacturer can boast: PRODUCTION, LABORATORY, RESEARCH, LIFE TEST AREA AND ALL THE SERVICES ON THE NET AVAILABLE TO THE CUSTOMER in addition to the latest VIRTUAL TOUR through the history of IMESA and laundry market.

The commitment of all IMESA staff, competence, professionalism and passion in dedicating themselves to the customer have made these events unique. Our new race has begun and we are not going to slow down.

Relive with us some moments of the OPEN DAY 2022