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IMESA’s solution for the efficient remote management of laundry.

Quick, Simple, Safe.

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IMConnect, it’s time for remote laundry management, real-time production control, valuable data acquisition, predictive maintenance, and organizational agility.

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Track and verify washing cycle parameters.


Modify and/or create specific washing programs for any use.


Monitor the efficiency of the workforce and installation.


Detect alarms and reports of possible anomalies.


Make precise remote diagnoses with the support of technical assistance.


Control the main energy and water consumption by optimizing work processes.



  • The planning of maintenance operations reduces the costs and times of managing the machine fleet;
  • Knowing in advance the technical problem leads to the choice of the correct solution;
  • The ability to resolve small anomalies remotely, reduces transport and travel time and costs;
  • Sharing the machine status allows you to request the help of IMESA if necessary;
  • The opportunity to have all the machine firmware updates through the portal and be able to install them remotely;
  • The ability to create specific libraries programs by sector, customize the screensaver of the machine, record useful contacts;
  • The ability to manage and monitor the supply of detergent products.
  • The availability of a complete audio-guide of operating instructions dedicated to machines in self-service mode.

What are the BENEFITS for the END USER?

  • Routine maintenance planning prevents costly “downtime” and emergency calls;
  • Have a professional guide who, based on the specific activity, recommends the correct use of the machine and the right setting of the programs;
  • The machine’s online connection overcomes language barriers between operator and service;
  • The ability to create your own program library, customize your machine’s screensaver with dedicated images and record useful contacts;
  • Check hourly/daily/weekly etc. productivity through the data collected and processed in the statistics section.
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Laundry For You is IMESA’s app dedicated to the laundry dealer and manager that allows you to monitor and manage your fleet in the best possible way, as well as the possibility to access the dedicated portal for the creation of news and customised promotions.

The app consists of three main environments:

  • the News & Community environment where you can upload promotions and share news and useful washing and drying tips;
  • the Statistics environment dedicated to the operating performance of washing machines, in which consumption, washing cycles and other parameters are visible so that operation is always under control;
  • the Technical Information environment which, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, allows you to view key technical information about the washing machine (under development).

On the customer or ‘end-user’ side, it will instead be sufficient to download the app on one’s mobile device to access the functions available to date, such as the Community environment to be constantly updated on current promotions and obtain valuable washing (cycles, chemistry) and drying (time, temperature) suggestions for garments that are always impeccable, respecting the textile fibres treated.

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The TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTION that simplifies your business, from managing washing to monitoring machine operation to planning machine interventions, ensuring timeliness and effectiveness in resolving any complex situation.

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