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Sizing a laundry with IMESA

When a customer starts a laundry project, he is not always in a position to give the necessary and unambiguous information to his project partner.

What needs will his laundry have to satisfy?
Sizing means evaluating all the elements necessary to define the requested hourly capacity of the laundry, so as to ensure the satisfaction of actual needs.
The process of sizing a laundry is the first fundamental step of a service tailored to the customer and takes into account the available spaces, connections, the need for productivity, the availability of human resources, the operating hours and the resulting consumption costs (water, energy and detergents).


Omitting to consider all the variables in the correct way, you may incur in 2 errors:
Underdimensioning the laundry: it will not be possible to precess the total amount of linen required.
Oversize the laundry: higher costs of purchase and management are generated.


What does a laundry have to guarantee? 
Be sure of the result in primis.
A smart and well-tested equipment allows the total control of the work cycles according to the expected result and, consequently, the management of the quality of the service.
How? Thanks to the versatility, remote control, and the easy operation put in place by a proven range, complete and technological as the IMESA range.

What ensures a properly structured laundry? Time, flexibility, freedom.
The laundry is a service and must be effective and efficient. 
The effectiveness of the proper equipment ensures the result, feeds profits and reduces costs.
The efficiency of the proper equipment reduces the working time thanks to the flexibility feature.

How do you place the in-house laundry in the environmental context? It’s a conscious choice!
An in-house laundry reduces the handling of linen, therefore the transport operations and consequently the polluting conditions.
An indoor laundry equipped with the right machines avoids wastage of water and detergents. To achieve this result, it is necessary to rely on a range of latest generation, fully programmable in its parameters and an industry experience that makes available to the customer their knowledge and their mastery of laundry processes, just like IMESA.

How do I control the functioning of my washing machines? How can I maintain a control on consumption? 
Through the web portal IM11, an intuitive interface and an easy to use tool.
What can I “ask” to the portal? By researching the machine of interest by serial number, I can access macro-information, monitoring and analysis machine operation, collection, organization, historization and data analysis.


Let’s talk about an HOTEL 3*** without RESTAURANT

  • Bed places: 180
  • Mean level of monthly occupation: 80%
  • Per capita consumption per guest: 3,0 Kg
  • Type of linen: cotton mixed flat (bedrooms) + towels (bathroom) Weekly changes: 3
  • Hours of laundry activity: 8 h x 5 day/week = 40 cycles

of which

  • Weekly dealing load: 1.300 kg of which
  • Washing load :1300 Kg/week -260 kg/day – 33 kg/cycle
  • Drying load: 80 % =1040 Kg/week -210 kg/day – 13 kg/cycle
  • Daily ironing load: 70% = 900 Kg/week – 180 kg/day – – 23 kg/hour

The hotel has a dedicated 20 sqm room, on the ground floor and with ease of connection.


IMESA offer, as example, to this customer the following equipment:

1 x LM23 – high-spin washing machine 23 Kg capacity

1 x LM11 – hig-spin washing machine 11 Kg capacity

1 x ES14  – tumble dryer 14 Kg capacity

1 x MCA180 – drying ironer 1800 mm length

The two washing machines of 23 and 11 Kg allow the treatment of 33kg/ cycle separating the type of garments and activating only one of the two washing machines in case of lower load.
The 14kg dryer perfectly meets the drying needs as a part of the linen, at the end of washing, is directly ironed in the drying calender MCA.
This equipment ensures flexibility, yield and consumption control.

So we are looking at you,  who are planning a new or a renovate laundry.
Your needs are specific and deserve an accurate analysis and a total understanding before making the choice of equipment, because one machine is not worth the other, just as each customer is unique in its needs.


What are you waiting for?
Contact us for a comparison without obligation, we are sure that together we will design the right solution for you.