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HOST, HO.RE.CA and our new projects.

The 2021 edition of HOST, the world fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality, ended on Tuesday 26 October. HOST represented the official baptism of Monica Pereira in the role of IMESA Sales Development Coordinator.

Ciao Monica, welcome. You are not new to the HO.RE.CA market and for this I would ask your opinion on this edition 2021 defined as “the restart”?

2021 is really my sixth Host edition having had previous experience in a company in the HO.RE.CA.
This year my expectations were very mixed and uncertain: turnout, safety, interest … So many question marks!

I was pleasantly surprised by the actual turnout and interest of visitors, especially from abroad, and by the presence of large companies in the sector, both Italian and foreign. There was an almost festive atmosphere, people happy to meet after this year and a half of digital exchanges. There was a lot of emotion with many smiles even if covered by masks … the eyes spoke.

This edition was centered on sustainability, technology, the digitization of the relationship with the customer, innovation and creativity, but also on attention to service.

Six edition of HOST but your first time at the fair with IMESA. Usually the first impression is important. Was it for you?

IMESA presented itself with its qualities capable of satisfying the demands of the market to face the future:

  • innovation and sustainability with the use of recyclable materials used on the new EVO.Line line presented in preview
  • technology with its washing machines equipped with the IM11 touch screen control.
  • digitization of the relationship with the customer with remote control and support via web-portal and APP
  • creativity with the new design of its EVO.Line machines
  • attention to service: the introduction of detergent to complete the treatment process of each type of fabric and the renewed after-sales service that offers technical assistance remotely.

Our booth was very elegant and modern. The industrial style was precisely aligned with today’s trends in furniture and design.
There was a very professional and friendly atmosphere with a team well prepared to convey IMESA’s new mission and vision: WE DRIVE CHANGE TO CREATE VALUE AND REALIZE THE SUCCESS OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND OUR PEOPLE.

This first experience at the fair with and for IMESA was very positive for me.

When you enter a new environment, you try to establish cordial relationships and collaboration from the beginning. What importance do you give to the ability to create teams and synergies between people?

Only with teamwork is it possible to create a winning working context, which allows you to achieve great results and multiply them exponentially. The members of a team must know how to complement each other, each sharing their strengths and making them available to the group to achieve common goals.

It is essential to build a group identity and promote teamwork. The moments of team building help to create harmony, to foster communication and to ensure that a climate of esteem, trust and sharing is created among the members of a group.

Only in this way is it possible to compete in a market that is increasingly demanding and increasingly complex.

What are your short-term projects and the prospects linked to your new experience?

 My project, shared with IMESA, is precisely to feed and encourage team building, to help communication between the people of our sales-team. The stimulation of individual creativity, the increase in the ability to work in a team, and the choice of the right way to achieve the results that will make IMESA grow even more will be important.

To get to know you a little more…. would you tell us about one of your passions?

I am a fan of life in general. I love people, nature, travel, dreams and the good wine … I like to define myself as a passionate and emotional person.
But one of my greatest passions is the music and especially the singing which I’ve been practicing since I was 6 years old.My opinion is that music is like freedom. A person can be deprived of anything but music. Everyone can do it, everyone can sing.
I have always found in music a refuge from reality, when I sing, I escape from all problems, I let go and it is as if I teleported to another world, a bit like I was dreaming with open eyes.

I feel really free and I am myself without a filter.

 Thank you Monica, also for your confidence. Have a good work and a good singing.