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PROEasyLine, from today also ONLINE

The professional PROEasyLine series is now on the network with several advantages designed for the laundry manager and for the final user.

The dedicated App, available for Android and IOS, allows, after pairing device/ smartphone via QRCode, to directly access the machine to check the status of operation (ON or OFF) and to book its use with subsequent unlocking from QRCode.

Through the dedicated web portal, it is possible to monitor the type and numbers of total cyclescompleted by each single machine and to prepare a statistical analysis elaborating the actual working hours on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

The web portal allows the remote management of programs, their modification and the creation of specific programs for certain uses and customers.

Registration to the web portal ensures the ability to update machine firmware quickly and remotely.

As for the management of detergents on washing machines, there are many solutions, with increasing levels of technology and services.

PROEasyLine washing machines can be equipped with a kit for the management of up to 6 external soaps pumps with a dosing system prepared by the installer; the kit consists of an interface electronic board that can also be installed at a later time.

The LEVEL 1 configuration can be completed by IMESA brand pump packages, in the possible configurations with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pumps.

Washing machines are equipped with a dosing system including 3 peristhaltic pumps with lance, end tank sensor and flow meter. The complete system can be remotely connected and managed

What are the advantages of solution LEVEL 2?

  • the kit works in wi-fi and with IoT connection allowing pump control remotely;
  • complies with INDUSTRY 4.0;
  • time saving for the operator who simply has to start the washing program without having to dose the various products at each cycle;
  • detergent control and saving as the dosing is automatic;
  • minimum handling of cleaning products;
  • detergent consumption and washing costs control;
  • empty tank signalling by mail.

For more information, please contact our sales team.