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My Salad Wash

Daphne is 15 years old and attends the first year of high school at the Scarpa Mattei Institute in Fossalta di Piave, address culture and show. She is the daughter of Ivan Biondo, IMESA collaborator.
Daphne has given us all a wonderful surprise, the fruit of her imagination and initiative that we share with you with pleasure.

“Last year, on the occasion of the oral exam of 3°average, our tech teacher asked us to build a robot of our choice.
The robot, in addition to being on the move, had to be innovative. Searching for inspiration among the various YouTube tutorials proposed by the professor, none of them impressed me or even inspired me.
I did some research on my own and finally I had the fantastic idea of building a washing machine,
inspired by my dad’s work at IMESA, a large company that produces industrial washing machines.

The creation of the washing machine was quite simple: I took care of the aesthetic part, while my dad helped me realize the mechanical part.
Having to be an “original” project, I decided my washing machine would wash the vegetables.
My baby must also had a name, and I called it SALAD WASH.
Obviously, inspired by IMESA washing machines, I painted it in blue colour and I marked it with the original symbol.”

When Ivan showed us the Salad Wash, we were all impressed by the beauty of the object and Salad Wash  quickly became a “model” of photographic and video shots.

Daphne is for us the example of young people we love to support and train. Enterprising and curious boys and girls, attentive to what happens around them, ready to turn it into an opportunity.
Our business internship projects and collaborations with schools are aimed at discovering talents and offering children a formative experience to help them find their path and new stimulus.
This time it was Daphne who found us and with her simplicity and initiative gave IMESA a story to tell.
Thank you.