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Hygiene in the ward

In all environments, where groups of people coexist, the environmental surfaces are real vehicles for the transmission of micro-organisms, which are often able to survive on the surfaces of the hospital rooms even for long periods.

How to perform proper environmental disinfection and improve cleaning activities?
One of the activities to be put in place is the improvement of the procedures of cleansing and sanitization of the floors, through a correct hygienic reconditioning of the microfiber used.

How can this be achieved?
Through the application of the correct washing cycles that restore the required hygienic conditions, eliminating the pathogenic microbial load on the cloth and allowing its reuse in subsequent cleaning operations. Wrong washing can wear mops out and make them even less absorbent and unusable.

Why choose the right washing machine and not just any washing machine?
Choosing the right washing machine and knowing the right program for mop, fringe or other microfiber fabrics is crucial for the good quality of washing and for an increasingly important economic convenience!

The high speed LM MOP Imesa Series, is equipped with the brand new computer IM11 that allows, through a customized interface, to manage even the most specific cycles, as in the case of mop treatment and fringes and even dishcloths.
Through IM11, the washing temperature and quantity of the detergent are controlled; two elements that play a fundamental role in the removal of dirt caught by the microfiber. It’s important to balance these two elements in a perfect formula in order to achieve the most effective cleaning action possible.
The washing machine LM MOP Imesa, returns the cloths washed but also impregnated with the solution water/detergent floors. In this way mops are extracted from the washing machine ready for use, with the guarantee that a mop will be sufficient to clean.

What are the benefits of a proper washing cycle?
The benefits, in addition to the obvious result of cleaning, are of an economic and environmental nature.
• Control of the quantity of detergent used avoids unnecessary waste of product.
• The correct product/temperature combination allows the correct use of water and mechanical force which results in saving water and energy.
• The elimination of waste in the use of detergent, allows a lower dispersion of product in the environment.

To sum up in a few words the countless benefits guaranteed by a washing machine LM MOP Imesa, we would say that it should be chosen for:
– The possibility of creating specific programmes for the safe sanitation of areas.
– the possibility of storing a menu detergent programs, customized for each individual customer and each individual machine.
– the possibility of analysis of the cycles and operating costs of the machine through the dedicated portal.
– remote management of machine use and detailed knowledge of the situation in case of machine downtime.
predictive function in ordinary maintenance.
-with IM11 the number of detergent cans becomes unlimited. Starting from a standard of 11 tanks, you can implement on a multiple basis: 11, 22, 33, etc.
-LM MOP Series is also the ideal solution for PAY FOR USE and IM11 is the perfect tool designed by IMESA for smart management of the Pay Per use formula.


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