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Know the washing cycles

The quality of a wash lies in the invisible.
It is not enough to remove visible dirt such as stains and organic residues, it is important to ensure the removal of potentially pathogenic germs: THE INVISIBLE.

If we refer to the “danger” of the moment, the new Coronavirus, we can undoubtedly say that it is still an unknown virus. However, scientists say that the new Coronavirus is the brother of the virus that caused SARS (SARS-Covs), on which numerous studies were conducted at that time. Reliable information, is that the virus survives less than 8 hours on tissues and is sensitive to high temperatures.

This virus, like all viruses, is sensitive to the degreasing action of surfactants, as they remove the external fat film of the virus and allow the dispersion and decomposition of the molecule.
Even under the most favorable conditions, the virus is inactivated from a temperature of 60ºC up, in a minimum time of 30 minutes, or is inactivated in 30 seconds at room temperature in the presence of 78% ethanol. 

We can therefore define that the right combination of temperature and disinfectant agents used in laundry is the effective solution for the destruction of the virus, the only one verified.

Does washing at high temperatures result in higher energy consumption?
Yes, and it is a topic that awakens the sensitivity of all those activities that choose sustainability.
In case of “regular” activities for which sanitization is not required, it is always recommended to carry out washing cycles at temperatures below 60ºC, for greater energy savings. 
We therefore suggest that these temperatures be used only where necessary.

A proper washing cycle is influenced by the following factors: 

• Water analysis and tissue analysis.
• Analysis and identification of the chemical most suitable for treatment and maintenance of tissues to be treated.
• The Thermal Action of the temperature to start the correct chemical action in the water.
• Mechanical action in washing and centrifugal speed.
• The optimized time in the various stages of the washing cycle in order to remove and eliminate microbial cells.

The washing machine is the indispensable tool to put in the technical field and result. IMESA washing machines, through the IM11 interface, allow a total customization of the work cycles and a total control of all parameters.
It is essential to ensure that the cycle takes place using the right amount of water, at the right temperature and with the right dose of detergent. A precise automatic dosage of the detergent, through the peristaltic pumps supplied, ensures the use of the right quantity, without economic waste and release into the environment.  Centrifugal time and speed are two other factors that make a “perfect” washing cycle. Total control of all parameters is important and with IMESA washing machines this is possible for every single scheduled washing.

The time of a washing cycle is proportional to the temperature/chemical/water combination and must be dosed correctly in all its phases: pre-wash/wash/rinse/centrifugal.

The temperature performs many functions:
– contributes to the microbial reduction of tissues by thermal inactivation
– activates the action of chemical additives
– facilitates the mechanical removal of stains.
A proper temperature control, in addition to ensuring the excellent result of washing, allows the control of energy consumption.

Relying on professional and certified chemicals is definitely the only way forward when it comes to professional laundries.
As plant builders and experts in the field for over 50 years, we allow ourselves to provide information on all of them.
A chemical, to be defined as “disinfectant”, must be authorized with a registration number that qualifies it as “Presidio Medico Chirugico” (PMC) or biocide. Who issues this authorisation? In Italy it is issued by the scientific committee of the Ministry of Health.
The active substance of a disinfectant, also called active ingredient, is the chemical compound with biocidal action recognized in Europe by the ECHA (European Chemical Agency).

It is suggested to rely on certifications issued by recognized institutions.

How can we achieve the ideal conditions described above? 
Definitely relying on professionals. IMESA sales and technical staff is available for consulting, design and sizing, to study the best solution for every need.
Contact us at the following address for any request: