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It needs creativity to stand out.

Ciao Chiara,
Delicate situation yours, for a Manager Mkt & Communication, give an interview at a particular time like what we are experiencing.

Yeah, it was and still is a particular time.
Nevertheless, my positive and proactive nature prefers to consider this moment as an opportunity for change, to be the professionals and companies of tomorrow, able to react with agility, logic and creativity to unforeseen situations.
This moment teaches that one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. But this is not mine, it is Nietzsche’s, but fits perfectly the current situation and human nature. Man, by his nature, gives the best when he is facing with complex situations. It is in complexity that you discover the wonder of genius and determination.

What made you choose to “dance” with IMESA?

The opportunity to see a company transform, be part of that change and add new value to my professionalism.
Because being an active part of change allows you to experience, sometimes make mistakes, and yet others to achieve the goal. And throughout this process of learning and transfer of know-how, the miracle happens.  You get better all the time, deepen your relationship with yourself, recognize the value of the people who collaborate with you and grow up, coming to terms with your mistakes, absolutely precious because they are capable of inevitably transforming your worldview.

You were in a completely different sector. What idea you have now of this market to you until a year ago unknown?

It is a transversal market to many sectors and therefore its commercial potential is high. Washing is something that will not disappear, may evolve, improve, but will not disappear. That is why, in my opinion, it is not subject to extremely variable trends such as the fashion or textile market for example.
The variations in this sector are more related to technology, mechanical innovation, to the best service that companies are able to provide to the customer in terms of tools, assistance, knowledge and troubleshooting. The potential is high, especially for a company like IMESA that has made its core business a vocation.

From a communicative point of view, this market could be much more creative than it is today.
It would take more courage to dare, more creativity to stand out.

Have you ever focused on the importance of washing in everyday life, before joining IMESA?
In a nutshell, do you do your laundry at home?

If I have to be honest… NO ?Whenever I had to do my laundry, I asked my mom to make me a practical scheme of which cycle to choose for fabrics, what temperature, centrifuge, turns… a chaos! And fear of ruining the fabrics…What stress… This might even be a feedback from the user: either I’m a bit rigid in learning, or I have to do more laundry, or who designed the washing machine was not particularly careful to the UX (user experience) I like to believe more in the last option ?

Speaking of challenges, what project do you dream of seeing realized in IMESA in the short term?

Let’s start with long-term vision.
I dream of an IMESA with digitalized processes capable of reducing the daily and repetitive efforts of people, so that there is every day the time to stop to think, innovate and improve. Which then is not a “stop”, it is an “advance” that leads you to consider new ways to go.

Nevertheless, I am fully aware that the way in which we are operating today (more ‘manual’) will allow us tomorrow, when we have unified instruments or in any case digitalized processes, to master with awareness and responsibility all the tools we will have available. Digitization necessarily passes through experimentation and manual learning.

In the near-term, since we are already doing an excellent job with regard to the new image of IMESA, I would like the same uniformity and coherence to be visible in the product range: machines aesthetically consistent with the image. Obviously, as in all things, there must be the right measure of aesthetics and functionality.


At a time when predicting is impossible, let’s make an effort to do it. IMESA, until now, has supported the situation and, unlike many companies in difficulty, certainly thanks to the type of production, has always been operational.
What do you expect for tomorrow? What are the company’s goals?

Given the readiness shown in the emergency and the resourcefulness in dealing with the same, I expect a more conscious IMESA with a totally renewed mentality and culture. A conscious IMESA that values its strength (flexibility, Italian-made, transversality to many sectors with the opportunity to undertake commercial more roads) but also an IMESA more updated with the times that we live. This means investing in the digitization of business processes and in the tools that allow people to work in any situation, with speed and in a coordinated way (video conferences, distance training, cloud, etc.).

In general, in addition to the various projects we are following, the macro-areas in intervention on which I would act are:

– Management and analysis of Big Data;
– More Online;
– Continuing training and contamination between people (know-how and ideas, of course).

When you’re not in IMESA, what do you make up?

Here in this, I do not have a certain constancy, I am a bit like Picasso who goes to periods blue, pink etc. .?
And anyway, more than inventing I engage in activity.
There is for example the period of karaoke: in the evening I start to sing several songs, especially Walt Disney and I register.
Then, there is the period in which I follow online courses of belly dance, very tiring…
Or the period of make-up and hair (my mom hates me when I’m in this phase), during which I like to make up to experiment with colors and improve the aesthetic appearance of people. That sounds more like a deranged maniac…?

Let’s just say that the thing I’m most constant in, and I’ll disappoint you a little bit, is a strange passion I have: reading dictionaries in a foreign language. I’m obsessed with the possibility of losing fluency in speech. So, at least three times a week, I read and study dictionaries in English, French and German, I highlight words and memorize them by creating a sentence in my head. Then, to complete the learning session, I listen to podcasts on the websites of foreign magazines or television channels. This during the week.

On the weekend, being able even during the week, I love to walk, that is along the river, in the mountains, the sea, does not matter. I have to move, trip, physical activity. Maybe this frenzy is due to the fact that I also love good food and desserts? It can be!!!

In summary:

  • Avoid yourself in the karaoke period, but especially in the moment “make-up with the maniac” if one is not looking for deep experiences
  • If one is caught by a sudden craving for candy, go through your drawers or your pockets to go for sure
  • Invite you on a Sunday morning walk along the Piave; you, my dog and me.

    Thank you Chiara, Je zorgt altijd voor vroliijkheid.

What did you say?

Find out in the dictionary.