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IMESA alongside the Civil Protection

Monday, April 27th at the City Hall of Pordenone, was held the official ceremony of the donation of a high spin washing machine LM series, to the body of the Civil Protection of Pordenone by IMESA S.p.A.

The event, in the presence of the Mayor of Pordenone Dr. Alessandro Ciriani, the President of the Civil Protection and the major authorities, was coordinated by Mr. Luigi Vazzoler of the company Tecno Clean s.r.l. of Cordenons.
Tecno Clean s.r.l. has donated a second washing machine to the nursery school of Via Auronzo.

The event was born from the desire of IMESA to support the realities of the territory that, in this difficult moment, sees men and women working tirelessly for the  community.
To be able to contribute to the safety of people who daily challenge contact with what represents “the first danger of the moment”, that virus that has paralyzed and conditioned the lives of all of us, is for IMESA and Tecno Clean a strong source of pride.

Ensuring cleanliness and sanitization in the treatment of uniforms of men and women and all tissues to be treated, is our task. Make available our knowledge and what we do for over 50 years with stubbornness and professionalism, is the minimum that the Italian company of laundry machines owes to its territory.

Many of our employees come from families who live in the area. If the real wealth of a territory is given by the value that the company and all of us want to attribute to the same, never as now we want to support with facts those values in which the northeast and even more the Made in Italy identify.
Made in Italy means reliability, but above all Passion, Energy and Courage in a common and strong sense of belonging, and these values, together with altruism, we find them in the gestures of all those who devote their efforts to the common good.

More than 50 years ago, we chose to support people with our services, designing technologically advanced products that simplify everyday life, making it safe and comfortable.

Never before has our mission reached people.
Never before have we worked to do our best.

In the stubbornness that distinguishes IMESA and our employees, we have chosen to continue to work tirelessly, without interruption, to guarantee to all our customers the products and services that they need to operate at their best. We owe it to our community, we owe it above all to those who, like the Civil Protection, the Cleaning Companies, the Laundries, the Hospitals and all the operators who work in them,  have done their work to the maximum, tirelessly, without sparing themselves, even in danger.

IMESA was here, is here today and there will be tomorrow more than ever, by their side.