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New LM assembly line, challenge accepted

The value of a company is in its people who, even in difficult times like the one we are going through, with determination and commitment carry out the projects in progress.
And so, without losing a day of work and without suspending the daily operations of assembly in line, in IMESA we managed to complete the switch of the line LM.

We had a chat with Stefano Busenello – Job Leader of the line – and with Giovanni Buratto – Head of Finished Product Production – and with pleasure we publish their “voices”.

When launching a new line, what is the most difficult problem to face? 

If the launch of the new line takes place in the phase of Lean Transformation as it happened to us, the involvement of people becomes fundamental: boys, men and women accustomed for too long to systems, methods and work habits that over time have crystallized,  had to change their approach. Changing your habits can create disorientation if we are not all coordinated and if we do not move on the same frequencies.
From the practical point of view, that is the realization of the actual line, we find the main problem in the very first phases of the project: once we take a road, a precise direction, we can no longer go back.
The definition of project milestones was therefore a critical issue to be managed. For example, the choice to build the washing machines on a roller conveyor, on a monorail trolley rather than a trolley on track: once you chose one of these three roads, going back would have been harmful.
For this reason, we consider the design phase of the line the most critical moment: at the end of the day, putting into practice what you have planned and decided, becomes relatively simple if the project planning work has been carried out correctly.

How long did it take to make the new line operational?

Eight months have passed since the first sketch on paper of “want” – September 2019/April 2020 – 
Considering that 80% of the equipment was made internally, for an organization like ours is a result that, without false modesty, we consider excellent.

How much does teamwork weigh and the daily confrontation between colleagues?

Teamwork is the foundation of everything. Team work training is one of the critical phases for the proper functioning of the line and its internal suppliers.
It is a critical point, because historically in Imesa we were not accustomed to this type approach.
The constant training of team work, the exchange of information and the emergence of problems (and consequently with the comparison accelerate the steps that can lead to possible solutions), are stages that we are testing on our skin through the tools of Problem Solving on assembly line at the Andon Board.
The meetings, scheduled in precise daily time slots, also become a moment of sharing the positive results, an aspect not to be considered secondary because it is a real generator of enthusiasm.
We often focus on the problems. Stopping in front of an Andon Board in which you have created a washing machine more than those planned, becomes also a source of pride, a signal that the work of improvement begins to give real results.

Is it motivating, in a period of difficulty like this, to take part in a project that lengthens the line of the horizon, that shows beyond what we currently live?

Knowing that the time horizon of our projects has a projection in time and precise steps of progress, as well as giving a sense of solidity to the project itself, allows us to perceive that the company is alive, active and that we are projected to the future with the intent to improve it, not to take it.
This perception allows to face with a different serenity also the moments of deep change that we are living in our everyday life, inside, but above all outside the walls of the company.

Thanks to Stefano, Giovanni and all their team for the great work done.
Today, more than ever, the seriousness and professionalism of our employees is a strong stimulus and a great source of pride.




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