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Irena&Simone and the Toyota Processing System


Irena and Simone, designers IMESA, are two motivated young people, full of resources and of a thousand surprises!

Irena is managing  the definition of process standards of the dryer assembly line.
Simone is preparing to show off his skills in the study of the new design of the washing machine line.

What do they share in addition to the office, their colleagues, their young age and so many contagious ideas? A day in auxiell for “get on track” with Toyota. We want to make it quite clear, no engine roar or circuits (even if Simone would not be sorry), but teaching and experience.
Mr. Tamada Ishigaki, Mr. Tadashi Mori and Mr. Mitsuru Suzuki are the Toyota trainers who spoke, transmitted and contaminated our boys.  Entered Toyota as workers between the mid-60s and the mid-70s, living a career in constant rise and pass for millions of cars produced, arrived at retirement age all three have become ambassadors of the Toyota processing System, taking care of the training of Toyota personnel.

The opportunity, gives us a moment of chat with Irena and Simone.

q.-“Irena, what did this experience give you?”
I.-“Definitely the example of three people capable and with much to teach. It is stimulating to witness the story of a life constantly evolving, the continuous search for growth and improvement. It was also fun to hear them speak Japanese, obviously, not understanding anything, we had the translator.”

q.-“A concept that you have passed on and that you make your own in everyday work?”
I.-“Ask yourself 5 times “why” in the search for causes. It is a concept that we have learned to apply in everyday work. Getting deep in the causes that create a problem or difficulty is crucial to improving ourselves and what we do

q.-“Simone, what have you brought home from this day?”
S.-“This meeting has strengthened my curiosity towards Japan, it is a land that fascinates me and I would like to go one day.”

q.-“A sentence that you liked.”
S.- “When I joined IMESA, the concept of Lean was quite foreign to me, I had heard about it but I had never had the opportunity to learn to be Lean. Being myself very picky, the Lean concept of not finding excuses and not thinking that the current situation is the best, it suits me perfectly

q.-“Irena, tell me a Lean term.”
I.- “Genba – the sacred place, where everything happens and where one can speak concretely of the problem”

q.-“Simone, tell me a Lean Term”
S.-“Kaizen – continuous improvement.”

q.-“Irena, let’s go out of IMESA for a moment. What would you like to realize a day in life?
I.-“I have a sister studying to be a fashion designer. One day maybe she will open her own workshop and I can participate in the project putting into practice my passion for interior design
q.-“What are your other passions?”
I.-“I love to travel and I love hiking in the mountains”
q.-“What do you like about the trip?”
I.-“Plan it, imagine it, and once you get there, find out”
q.-“This is very Lean….”
q.-“What would you like to invent?”
I.- “If we’re talking about objects, I’d like to invent a very silent hair dryer that also has an attractive design, so when I dry my hair, I don’t have to hear that annoying noise…”

q.-“Simone, let’s take a ride in your future too. A dream?
S.-“A garage all my own, where I can customize motorcycles, where a motorcyclist can commission me a two wheels customized, choosing components and maybe make him participate more closely during the creation of his bike”
q.-“I take it you like motorcycles. What kind of bike do you own?
S.-“I actually own more than one. I have a Vespa ET3, a T-Max (to ride with mu girlfriend), a Husqvarna SMR 610, a Suzuki GSX550 “Cafe Racer” and some other goodies”
q.-“Great journeys then!”
S.- “I am more of a Sunday biker. My real passion is to make bikes. Can I say that I also won a prize? At the last edition of the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, where among other things I was present as a photographer– other my great passion– I presented to a contest my creation and won the “Ferro dell’Anno” award, a great satisfaction
q.-“Sei fidanzato, giusto?”
q.-“From biker to biker…. but there is room on your bikes for the girlfriend?”
S.-“No, they are all single seaters… with her trip in scooter”
q.-“I’m almost afraid to ask you if you have any more loads to shoot…”
S.- “One more really. Garage14, the name of my garage, also has a section for the care of the car or, Car detailing
S.-“I explain, car detailing consists in the correction of paint defects, due to wrong washes or simply to time, through the application of products that improve the durability and brilliance of the paint. I do it for pleasure, for friends who sometimes bring me their friends. I have a lot of fun.
q.-“To recap: build motorcycles, photographers, take care of car…. I would say that you are the right person to entrust the re-styling of our washing machines”
S.-“I am very happy with this assignment. We will put character in our washing machines.  The choice of colour is important to give harmony and order to a product line, to create the identity of the brand. I’ll bring you a book I ordered, a photo book of London laundries.
q.-“Thank you! What color would you make a washing machine?
S.-“I can’t answer now. My favorite color is red…. but it’s not the case!
q.-“If I interview you in one year, what are you gonna tell me that you didn’t tell me today?”
S.-“In addition to telling you about the goals I will have achieved and the satisfactions… I will definitely tell you that I will have bought a new bike”

q.- “Irena, I would like to end this conversation with a final question. If I say Lean, what do you say?”
I.- “Lean brings added value to my work as a designer because it pushes me to consider and prevent any form of “muda” (waste) in the production phase. Lean teaches you to broaden your horizons to always be ahead of your time”

q.-“Thanks to both of you, it was very nice and interesting to get to know you a little more”