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I make dinosaurs

Venhar, almost 22 years old, has been collaborating with IMESA for 7 months (more or less)
His “ranks” was the tumble dryers line, then to mount the drying ironers. 

d- Venhar, did you know what a drying ironer was before your arrival in IMESA?
V- No, I had no idea, and I didn’t even know what it was for. When I saw the first one, I just assumed it wasn’t to wash, much less dry.
d- Are you clear on that now?
V- Now I tell all the women I know what I do at work.
d- And what do they comment?
V- They ask me to make one for them.

d- Were you satisfied with your first creature?
V- While I was riding it I looked at it and it looked like a dinosaur!
My first machine was an MCM 3200, this is just the size of the roll, all over will be 5mt!
d- Did you have fun building it?
V- Well, you have to consider that when I don’t know how to do something I get anxious until I understand. That’s why at first I couldn’t enjoy myself, then yes.
d- How long did it take you to build your first drying ironer?
V- About one week
d- Did you see it working?
V- No, they took me away immediately… it went to the test. Maybe better so, I would definitely be anxious for my creature. The one I’m mounting now, though, I’d like to see it work at least once because it’s full of accessories.

d- Now you know all about drying ironers!
V- Almost everything, come on. I didn’t think a drying ironer could perform all these functions at once.
But who invented it? To me it’s a genius. It was a really interesting discovery.
d- What would all these functions be?
V- Well, first it folds the linen, think about it? The automatic feeder then is my favorite… You hook the fabric and he stretches it, all by himself, simply opening himself to the outside. Without the automatic feeder it would take two people to insert large fabrics, because no matter how hard one tries to open one’s arms, it will never be big enough for certain measurements.
d- Do you like your job?
V- I really like it. I BUILD ! I couldn’t believe I did everything, I was happily amazed at myself. Despite all those… cables I came out great.
d- Out of here DO YOU BUILD?
V- I like music, but especially I like to spend time on my PC. I don’t have a large computer, in fact it is “basic”, and this does not allow me to express myself in the best way for example in 3D drawing. However, I hope that in the future I will be able to put into practice this passion of mine, while studying.

d- Any other passions?
V- I played football, then I chose to be the referee.
d- Better to play or arbitrate?
V- If you want fun, definitely play. If you want to lead, then be the referee. Being a referee gives me so much satisfaction, it allows me to decide on the field even for people older than me.
d- Did they cheat you?
V- The women, huh?
d- Nooooo, the players!
V- Ah, those are! You know, being a referee shapes character. For example, if you are shy it passes because you must inevitably open up. But it is not my case because I am not shy. (…) Throughout the game, everyone refers to you: players, managers, coaches, audience. Arbitration means to choose and decide immediately, you are granted only milliseconds of a second otherwise you are not credible. I also transfer this concept to work, making decisions and taking responsibility for them.

d- Do you have a nickname?
V- Veni or Ven, it’s easier to call me.
d- Your guide in IMESA?
V- Initially it was Igor, in the tumble dryers area, now it is Stefano.
d- An adjective to describe Igor?
V- Igor is nice, quiet and precise.
d- There are three of them.
V- One wasn’t enough.
d- Then three adjectives also for Stefano.
V- Stefano is precise, quiet and very polite.
d- What do you think they’d say about you?
V- Igor would answer you badly (…. laughs) Stefano would say instead that sometimes I do not listen, but it is not true, or that I am slow, but for good, and in any case that I am sincere.
d- If I go and ask them how you are, they would tell me the same things?
V- Do you have to?
d- ok, I don’t ask this time. Thank you Venhar, or Veni or Ven…. It was a great pleasure to talk to you.
V- Thank you. Hi.

…. Returning back I think I did not ask him for which team he cheers …. perhaps it is better so….