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How we make it? Flatwork ironers FI


The IMESA FI flatwork ironers range in the EASY Line and SMART Line versions is a highly secure line.
The new models are equipped with a new safety device that meets the requirements of the reference standards, which provide that the machine is complete with a roller lifting system that works even in the absence of power supply in order to remove the garment in ironing and prevent it from being damaged.

It consists of an intuitive lever system, easily accessible from outside the equipment.

The IMESA FI line is also safe for other features.
The space for the introduction of the fabric complies with the provisions given by the reference rules on safety for the operator who, in normal operating conditions, can manage the approach and the removal of the roller through the appropriate pedals.

The machine is also equipped with an emergency stop button that, when activated, immediately blocks the ironing cycle and makes the roller lift.

The hand bar is an additional safety system: when it comes into contact with the operator’s hands, for a possible movement error, the ironing cycle is interrupted and the roller is lifted.

These last two protection systems are managed by a certified safety control unit.


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