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EUREKA! It works.

On 20 April 2023 IMESA took part in the event EurekaFunziona, the technological construction competition promoted nationally by Federmeccanica and supported territorially by Confindustria Veneto Est. The event took place at the “Albino Luciani Elementary School” in Gorgo al Monticano (TV) and involved the students of classes 4A and 4B divided into 7 teams. Students were asked to make “mobile games” using a construction kit provided to them.

The jury composed of IMESA, a representative of Confindustria and the head of the school evaluated the work on the basis of:

–  DESIGN of the toy, movement and its use
–  STARTING IDEA, creativity, originality and degree of involvement of the game
–  ADVERTISING MATERIAL made by children to illustrate the toy
–  PRESENTATION of the game

At the end of the presentation, we played and tested the mechanics of the construction.

As in all competitions 2 winners were awarded, one per class, while all participants were awarded a certificate of participation and a final prize.

Experimenting with primary and secondary school children is always an enlightening experience as you come into contact with their creativity and see the world through their eyes.

IMESA is honored to be part of these initiatives and we will always be happy to support the growth and training of our young people, doing our best to offer them opportunities and a window on the world of work.