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How we make it? Flatwork ironer FI


The ironing pressure in a flatwork ironer is the force generated by a gas spring: the more the spring is compressed, the more force is applied on the fabric to be ironed.
The ability to control and manage the ironing pressure is a distinctive feature of the IMESA FI Smart Line flatwork ironers, achieved thanks to a patented system designed by IMESA almost 20 years ago.

The system provides first of all that the machine is equipped with electronic control, the IM10 touch screen, and a mechanical device that includes a PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT BAR made internally with laser cutting.

The ironing pressure control feature keeps unchanged over time the ironing pressure of the IMESA flatwork ironer despite the natural reduction in the thickness of the padding of the basin due to the normal use of the machine.

How is pressure controlled?
By means of the self-adjustment system that at cycle start intelligently recognizes the thickness of the padding.


The flatwork ironer FI Series is available as Easy Line and Smart Line.
The ironing pressure control is included as standard with
Smart Line models.

Two different lines to be free to choose the flatwork ironer according to your work needs.