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35 years of Cessalto

On February 28 1988 IMESA opened the headquarters of Cessalto (TV) leaving the building of Santa Lucia di Piave (TV) of 1000sqm, too small now.
On February 28 2023 IMESA celebrated its 35 years of belonging to the community of Cessalto with an “home aperitif ” together with all collaborators and the mayor of Cessalto, Mr. Emanuele Crosato.

For over 50 years IMESA S.p.A. has been designing and producing machines and services for industrial and professional laundries, for the sector, the hospital sector, the sports sector, the agri-food sector, the naval sector and many other niches in which to wash, drying and ironing are essential services.

The history of IMESA is the story of a Made in Italy Company now in its third generation, where the growth of a solid Italian company is perfectly combined with the past, present and future of a tenacious Venetian family, the Miotto family.
IMESA was founded in 1968 in Santa Lucia di Piave (Tv) at the behest of Gianpietro Miotto. They were times of social, cultural and political growth.

In the Italy of the 1970s, the economy of the Veneto was based on small craft business and on the development of the industrial districts, that productive system that over time it would have characterized the development of our region.

The family’s resourcefulness guided them until the 1980s, the decade of the technological revolution that marked the change of pace of IMESA also thanks to the entry into the company of Gianpietro’s sons, Luciano and Carlo.

“The new adventure in Cessalto began on the road from Santa Lucia di Piave to Cessalto, aboard a van loaded with everything important we had then” – says Carlo Miotto current President of IMESA – “many ambitions, tenacity, some important customer acquired in the first 20 years of the company and few but precious collaborators who have married our project. The beginning was not, as they say, “with a bang” because my brother and I got sick the same day and for a few weeks we were stuck in the house.  The following is before our eyes today, what we have become, a company of over 100 employees that has overcome many difficulties, won many challenges and that today looks proudly to the future”.


Alessia Miotto, Vice President of IMESA, who succeeded her father Luciano who died prematurely in 2018, is the present and the future, the third generation Miotto at the head of the family business.

“Today’s celebration wants to be for our first 35 years of Cessalto, in which people who started in Santa Lucia di Piave and new generations are together. We chose this place 35 years ago and we never left it because we believe that the company must be an integral part of the territory, in which it can find its main livelihood: people. We are proud to be a point of reference in the territory, for this reason we like to say that we are the Imesa of Cessalto, because we belong to this place and my hope, as the third generation at the head of the family business, is that this continues for many years yet. I would like to accompany this wish with a word of thanks to all the people who have worked here and who still accompany us every day. My father said “people are the mind, hands and heart of a company”, I can only agree with him”

Today IMESA is an important reality of our territory, 17200 square meters of production units and over 20000 square meters discovered on the border with the A4 motorway exit of Cessalto, a Venetian SME that exports all over the world but that proudly and firmly remains anchored to the territory that has chosen 35 years ago and that has never wanted to leave.