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Safety first!

The washing service in the RETIREMENT HOME is undoubtedly an essential service in terms of safety and it is considered of great importance by the relatives of the guests.
The careful washing of the guests’ personal clothes and the correct treatment of the bed linen affect the general approval rating of the services offered by RSA.  

Some facilities prefer to rely on outsourced laundry services; this choice may be justified by the lack of space for a laundry room or the idea, incorrect, that the management of an indoor laundry service requires a large and expensive staff, or the belief that an internal laundry has higher costs than an outsourced service involving high cost of time.

Of course, each structure has its own characteristics and possibilities which should be analyzed competently, but we can certainly generalize the convenience and efficiency of an indoor laundry service by referring to some common situations.

Contamination of sheets and clothing by feces or blood is unfortunately the order of the day. An outsourced laundry service has fixed days and times for the collection and delivery of garments. Now let’s think about dirty and contaminated sheets that stop for hours, maybe days, in the dirty clothing area maybe in summer season at high temperatures. We’re talking about bacteria spreading and contaminating the environment and clothing.

Another problem is related to the loss and wear of the garments subjected to the washing service that, in case of external service, must be taken into account and in most cases borne by the retirement home itself, which is responsible for clothing towards guests and families.

Finally, but very often, delays in delivery can put an entire department in trouble and create inconvenience in the daily management of the activities of a retirement home.

All these situations are cause of a lowering of the quality level of service and, if you deepen with skill and preparation, you can intercept the resulting costs. 



IMESA is present in the laundries of RETIREMENT HOMES and HOSPITAL CLINICS with a complete range of washing machines, in particular with the D2W 18-23-30 and 55 Kg aseptic barrier machines.
Aseptic barrier washing machines are designed for maximum hygiene in washing processes in hospitals, retirement homes, childcare facilities, clinics and pharmaceutical industries, eliminating the risk of contamination thanks to the two doors, one for loading and one for unloading, which allow to load infected laundry in the room dedicated to its reception and unload the clean linen on the opposite side, in a separate room.
Equipped with IM11 Touch screen control on the dirty side, it is possible to program, customize and manage the washing programs according to the real needs of cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection. Washing guest clothing with radio frequency chip for garment traceability is not a problem at all.

The range is completed by tumble dryers and ironing machines like flatwork ironers or drying ironers for ironing flat linen.