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A balanced washing cycle

What do you expect from an efficient high spin industrial washing machine?

Advance spin control
– Dynamic imbalance reduction system
– Reduction of vibrations
– Reduction of noise
– Analysis of dynamic imbalances

How does IMESA meet these needs?
Over the years we have developed a system to control the load balancing of the washing machine by equipping the LM series with a thermal accelerometer that measures the mass displacement inside the basket.

The sensor is connected to the control board to which it provides the movement data of the tank.

The control system decides whether and how to manage the centrifuge according to the recorded imbalance and, in the case of intervention, corrects the distribution of linen in the basket.

An advance spin control results in a better conservation of the most stressed mechanical parts, ensuring long life to the washing machine and unchanged performance over time.

A proper control of the load balance ensures a correct consumption of water and detergent calculated on the amount of linen in motion in the basket.

Effective spin control reduces the noise of the washing machine, an important feature especially in cases where the laundry room is close to other public spaces.

The load balancing control system of the IMESA washing machine is one of the features that make the IMESA LM series the ideal tool to achieve fast and effective washing cycles.