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IMESA SELF-SERVICE and the good washing and drying practices

  • Are you looking for the guarantee of a sanitizing wash for your family’s clothing and home textiles?
  • Does the domestic washing machine offer you cycles at high temperatures but long lasting and with consequent high consumption of water and electricity?
  • Do you want to rely on an effective drying even in terms of sanitization but with the certainty of not ruining your clothes?

We talk a lot today about the importance of correct cycles of laundry, sanitization, hygiene, in short, we talk about SAFE LAUNDRY #SAFELAUNDRY.

Who can we turn to for a safe laundry?
Without doubt to professionals in the sector, who make use of professional machines of the latest generation and can guarantee the quality of service.

What does quality of service mean?
It means the certainty of treating the garments at the temperature requested to reduce the risk of contamination, that is from 60 º C, respecting the characteristics of the fibres and without spoiling the garments.

How can I have the guarantee of SAFE LAUNDRY also at home?
Domestic appliances nowadays offer a variety of washing solutions but, precisely because they are built for domestic use, they are not as performing as professional washing machines.

The washing temperature affects the amount of electricity consumed during the washing cycles. The heating element that heats the water is the main responsible for the washing machine consumption. If I want to save electricity, then reduce the costs of a home washing cycle and reduce pollution, I will have to reduce the water temperature and break the principles of SAFE LAUNDRY.

How can I solve the problem?
The Self Service laundries equipped with IMESA washing machines and dryers, guarantee a washing and drying service according to the principles of the SAFE LAUNDRY #SAFELAUNDRY:

  1. What does #SAFELAUNDRY mean in a self service?
    Wash and dry garments at least at 60°C. The professional washing machines installed in IMESA self-service provide cycles at high temperatures but at a shorter time than the domestic washing machine. This results in lower electricity consumption and lower water consumption.
    Lower consumption of water and electricity means DO NOT POLLUTE and do not pollute means to be not only virtuous, but also competitive. The laundry of the future must upgrade its service while respecting environmental issues.
    IMESA Spa guarantees efficient machines in this regard.
  2. Frequently wash textiles and clothing to ensure constant hygiene. In this sense, IMESA self-services meet customers with savings and fidelity cards.
  3. Dry the garments in a professional tumble dryer able to work at hygienically recommended temperatures without “burning” the garments, felting or ruining them.

Self-service laundries may initially seem expensive. However, if we take into account the load capacities clearly higher than those of domestic washing machines, the number of washings required decreases and consequently also the costs.

Due to its large loading capacity, self-service laundries are ideal when you need to wash bulky and heavy garments such as duvets, quilts, curtains and covers of sofas and cushions, impossible to wash with a household washing machine.

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