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September 27, 2021 – World Tourism Day

TRAVEL – Moving from one place to another by means of transport on a long journey
TOURISM – All activities and organisations related to travel and stays for recreational or educational purposes
(online dictionary source)

Let’s think of when even the closest countries seemed so different and distant worlds, when going to the Far East was for very few and when many earthly paradises, often crowded today, presented themselves as long stretches of uncontaminated sand.
Then came the low-cost flights, some “difficult” countries opened their borders and the internet brought the world into our homes. And so, travelling has become an essential experience, sometimes indispensable, however, an experience that enriches us.

Travelling means leaving with a suitcase, big or small, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to leave at home the worries and commitments that dominate our everyday life.
Travelling is leaving our comfort zone, sometimes to test ourselves.
Travelling is exploring with the 5 senses.
Travelling is meeting new people.

Travelling was not allowed for a long time and we all felt the need.
Then we finally got back on the road, with more care, more demanding, more fearful. 
We have sought safety with greater attention to health.
We chose the places that guaranteed us hygiene and sanitization.
We have chosen those who, professionally, took care of us, investing in their facilities and services.


And now?
The added value produced by tourism in Italy in recent times, has brought the sector back 10 years.
The Italian hotel industry has suffered the lack of international tourism with a sharp drop in overnight stays. The first 6 months of 2021 started with great difficulty but, thanks to the vaccination campaign, the first positive signs arrived in July and August.

All the countries of southern Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal) have recorded a strong increase in flight bookings, especially from June and for stays between July and August, drastically reducing the gap compared to 2019.  Only Spain and Greece have almost recovered their 2019 booking levels.
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These figures, part of a much more detailed study, allow us a cautious optimism and give us hope for the future.