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Industrial Washing Machine RC 11-18-23-30-40-55-70-85 Kg

Hard mounted industrial washing machine designed to last.
Complete with rigid, solid, robust frame, RC series industrial washing machines do not require springs or shock absorbers.
Fixed to the ground by fixing devices.
Ideal for use on board small and medium sized ships, ferries and freighters.
New: the innovative IM11 computer touchscreen makes programming, use and maintenance extremely simple and within reach of all types of user.

INNOVATIVE IM11 7” tilted capacitive touchscreen

Total control of wash cycles by wi-fi via the IM11

Infinite washing solutions

AISI 304 stainless steel structure

80-100 G factor

Lavatrici rigide_Low spin washing machines_RC_30_2
  • 5 alternative heating methods: hot water, electric, electric + steam, direct steam, indirect steam
  • Balanced water fill for greater energy savings
  • Programmable levels of water, temperature, motor speed and rotation rhythm/pause for complete customisation of wash cycles.
  • Optimisation of water, energy and detergent consumption for aware and sustainable use

IM 11

Learn more about technological innovation to support the customer.

IM 11
imesa customer service
For mod. 14-18-23 Kg :Easily removable front panel for easy maintenance of the exhaust valve and shock absorber control
Double motorised closing and wide 180° opening of the door to facilitate loading and unloading the linen
Compatible with water recovery tanks
MODELLIRC 11RC 18RC 23RC 30RC 40RC 55RC 70RC 85
Drum Size535 x 470 Ø x P mm700 x 470 Ø x P mm700 x 560 Ø x P mm880 x 523 Ø x P mm870 x 650 Ø x P mm1080 x 603 Ø x P mm1200 x 618 Ø x P mm1270 x750 Ø x P mm
Drum Volume105 lt180 lt215 lt318 lt400 lt565 lt699 lt848 lt
High spin speed535 r.p.m.568 r.p.m.568 r.p.m.452 r.p.m.452 r.p.m.408 r.p.m.360 r.p.m.360 r.p.m.
G Factor851261261001001008686
Water Connection2 x 3/4” Ø2 x 3/4” Ø2 x 3/4” Ø2 x 3/4” Ø2 x 3/4” Ø2 x 1”1/2 Ø2 x 1”1/2 Ø2 x 1”1/2 Ø
Water Drain50 Ø mm50 Ø mm50 Ø mm80 Ø mm80 Ø mm80 Ø mm80 Ø mm80 Ø mm
Size: LxWxH720x933x1034 mm880x966x1300 mm880x1056x1300 mm1098x946x1433 mm1098x1074x1433 mm1430x1424x1868 mm1560x1474x1868 mm1560x1563x1868 mm
Net Weight207 Kg307 Kg318 Kg480 Kg519 Kg1008 Kg1052 Kg1184 Kg
Packaging Size: LxWxH760x1045x1190 mm920x1150x1426 mm920x1150x1426 mm1100x1150x1750 mm1300x1300x1880 mm1540x1500x2020 mm1700x1540x2020 mm1700x1650x2020 mm
Gross Weight215 Kg323 Kg333 Kg525 Kg569 Kg1076 Kg1150 Kg1276 Kg
Electrical Heating Power10,5 kW13,5 kW16,5 kW28 kW28 kW35 kW39 kW39 kW
Steam Machine Power0,2 kW0,4 kW0,6 kW0,8 kW1 kW1,4 kW1,8 kW2,2 kW

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