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Hygiene Barrier Washers D2W 30-55 Kg

D2W 30 and 55 kg hygiene barrier industrial washing machine are ideal for structures coping with large numbers of people.
With two doors, one for loading and one for unloading, the dirty linen can be loaded in the dedicated dirty linen room and the clean linen can be unloaded from the opposite side in a separate room.
The clean side door is programmed to remain locked until the dirty side door is closed and until completion of at least one wash cycle.
The dirty side door is programmed to remain locked until the clean side door is closed after unloading operations have been completed.
Programming, adding detergent and maintenance take place from the dirty side, to avoid the risk of contamination and maintain a high level of hygiene.

INNOVATIVE IM11 7” tilted capacitive touchscreen

Total control of wash cycles by wi-fi via the IM11

Infinite washing solutions

AISI 304 stainless steel structure

350-400 G factor

  • 3 alternative heating methods: electric, direct or indirect steam
  • Electronic control of door opening to avoid all types of contamination
  • Display on clean side to visualise correct advance of the process, time left and end of programme from the sterile room as well

IM 11

Learn more about technological innovation to support the customer.

IM 11
imesa customer service
Two large opposite doors separate loading the dirty linen from unloading of the clean linen
Practical space-saving SLIDING doors.
Automatic positioning of the drum for easy opening.
The washing machine is mounted on a raised platform for maximum ergonomics while loading the linen
Hot and cold water connection
No anchoring to the ground
Compatible with water recovery tanks
Drum Size880 x 523 Ø x P mm977 x753 Ø x P mm
Drum Volume318 lt565 lt
High spin speed846 r.p.m.802 r.p.m.
G Factor346350
Water Connection2 x 1” Ø2 x 1”1/2” Ø
Water Drain80 Ø mm80 Ø mm
Size: LxWxH1166x1373x1968 mm1622x1686x1948 mm
Net Weight950 Kg1848 Kg
Packaging Size: LxWxH1350x1373x2100 mm1658x1700x2120 mm
Gross Weight980 Kg1903 Kg
Electrical Heating Power30 kW32 kW
Direct Steam Consumption6,1 kg/h7,8 kg/h

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