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IMESA: company and school, a consolidated partnership.

Bilal Sabour wants to learn, experience, know and right now he chose IMESA and this makes us very proud. Bilal studied at “Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Leonardo da Vinci” in Portogruaro where he attended three-years course in Industrial and civil equipment, installations and technical services. However, the three-year period did not satisfy him and the job prospects did not reflect his dreams, so he decided to continue his studies and conclude the five-year course with the specialization in Maintenance of means of transportfollowed by internships in the garage.

“During the internships I have worked on auto and motorcycles taking care of coupons and change tyres. This experience brought me closer to the labour market, it was very instructive. Working in the field for my type of studies is essential and highly formative because practice qualifies us and allows us to translate into action what we study daily.”

How did you choose to continue after graduation?

“I chose to continue my studies by enrolling in the ITS ACADEMY and taking the course of Superior Technician for Automation and Mechatronic Systems. Mechatronics mixes mechanics, computer science and electronics, is a constantly growing branch of study that from the automotive sector is developing in numerous sectors such as aeronautical-space, manufacturing and robotics. In the world of work, the balance between mechanics and electronics is increasingly shifting towards the electronics. A technician specialized in mechatronics has knowledge and skills in both mechanics and electronics and this is a condition that can open the doors to many job opportunities. “

How did you get to IMESA?

“The ITS Academy creates the conditions for our collaboration with companies in the sector and among the different possible companies I chose IMESA. I immediately liked IMESA’s training offer and so here I am, 2 days a week until June 2025.”

What do you do in IMESA?

“I’m currently working in the electrical panels department. My task is to create operational instructions for assembly of components, as clear as possible. The electrical panels department is the one in which the variables, and consequently the problems, are greater and the variables must be managed with method. It’s a task that requires knowledge and logic, whose goal is to create a sequence of actions that streamline assembly operations, but above all that allow you not to fall into error.”

What would you like to be?

“Today, I tell you that I would like to attend university, a choice I did not make after graduation, the faculty of Mechanical Engineering or Management Engineering. The academic study I’m doing gives me credits that could definitely help me in my university career.”

IMESA is very sensitive to the formation of young people; we promote many activities inside and outside our company. Just these days we have released the training course “Project Management” held by our Eng. designer Sandro Gerotto within the ‘8 Edition of the Mechatronic Talents Olympics, hosted by IMESA and promoted by Confindustria Veneto Est. Our goal is to shine the talents of tomorrow, offering them the tools and knowledge to excel in the professional field.

Bilal is one of our boys and, why not, maybe one of us in the future.
We wish Bilal luck and success, whatever the working path he chooses.