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HOW WE MAKE IT : washing machines

“We tell you about the birth of an IMESA machine, about its components and their functions.
Play with us, because by playing you learn.”
This is how our new HOW WE MAKE IT column came to life, in which we talk to our customers about our machines, how they are built and what components are used.

Our guide through the range of washing machines made in Imesa is the mechanical engineer Enrico Coppo, for 13 years in the R&D team IMESA.
“In these 13 years in IMESA I have lived and shared several company changes. I joined the IMESA team when the founder Gianpietro Miotto was preparing to give way to his sons Luciano and Carlo, although still a daily presence. Now with Carlo and Alessia I am experiencing a phase of great company ferment, characterized by stimulating challenges and changes that are bringing IMESA towards a managerial setting while keeping the family soul of the origins.”

How would you tell your experience in IMESA?

“13 years ago I was looking for a “fun” job, where fun for me means continuous stimulation, discovery, research and in IMESA I found it. Being a medium-small reality, in my role I have the opportunity to live all the phases that lead to the realization of a product, from the raw material up to the finished product.
This has allowed me, and still allows me, to grow professionally and have many experiences.

I have always been given the opportunity to express my imagination applied to technical solutions.
The characteristic of our team is the great collaboration. Each of us is called to confront, to express our opinion and to listen to others.
Over the years we have developed a greater focus on procedures and methods by elevating our professionalism.

What would you like to design outside these walls?

“Machines for wine making.(… why I’m not surprised by the answer, we are in Veneto…)
I explain you. I have always spent my summers with my grandparents in the countryside and I have always been fascinated by the machines used for the shape of the vines, I saw them as monsters with long legs and small head.”

Given the wine tradition and the high production area…. maybe this desire one day can come true.

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