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MCM 2500 – 2800 – 3200

IMESA MCM series drying ironers guarantee high performance and reliability.
Designed for maximum ironing quality, the complete MCM range is the ideal linen ironing solution for restaurants, hotels, nursing and retirement homes and hospitals.
EVO.LINE is a new look. Grey represents balance, love of technology, conveying strength and solidity. Black is elegance. Its advanced technology is expressed in attention to detail.

IM10 computer touch screen for easy programming and monitoring of drying cycles

Like a real tablet, the IM10 touch screen has the same intelligibility, ergonomics and potential as a computer.

Memorisation of infinite ironing programmes

Parameters can be modified during the cycle

IMESA MCM series 502 mm diam. drying ironers are available with 2500 mm, 2800 mm and 3200 mm roller.

The linen remains in contact with the roller for 82% of its circumference perimeter

Available in BASIC version with front/back MOTORISED OUTPUT, FOLDER and automatic FEEDER.

Models with automatic FEEDER and FOLDER are equipped with PLC control with 128 ironing programs.

flatwork ironer, industrial dryer machine, essiccatoi industriali , essiccatoi rotativiper lavanderia
  • 3 heating methods: electric, steam, gas
  • Automatic speed/temperature compensation: the speed of the roller is set automatically according to the temperature, facilitating the operator’s work and guaranteeing top quality results.
  • System cooldown: saves energy and helps preserve the ironing belts.
  • Available with motorised linen exit on two sides: faster ironing, higher productivity and more than one operator.
  • The linen can be ironed on two independent lines, with the possibility of configuring the type of fold: single, double or none.
  • Available with suction feed table for perfect fabric feed, enabling a single operator to iron and fold even large items.
  • The version with gas heating guarantees uniform heating of the roller and considerable energy savings, thanks to the particular arrangement of the internal fume circulation.

IM 10

Discover the innovative touch-screen interface

NOMEX feed and ironing belts, resistant to very high temperatures.
In the drying ironer with folder, the safety windows under the feed table enable folding to be controlled in complete safety.
The hand safety bar protects the operator from slipping an arm under the roller accidentally.
Two emergency buttons
Ironing surface2508 mm2717 mm3135 mm
Rotation Speed1-9 mt./min.1-9 mt./min.1-9 mt./min.
Ironing Humidity Required50%50%50%
Humid Air Drain 100 Ø mm100 Ø mm100 Ø mm
Smokes Drain (Gas Version)100 Ø mm100 Ø mm100 Ø mm
Basic machine and with motorised EXIT dimensions: WxDxH3400x1304x1678 mm3610x1304x1678 mm4027x1304x1678 mm
Machine dimensions with OUTPUT, FOLDER and INTRODUCER: LxWxH3400x1583x1678 mm3610x1583x1678 mm4027x1583x1678 mm
Net weight basic machine and with motorised EXIT1163 Kg1268 Kg1373 Kg
Net Weight with OUTPUT, FOLDER and INTRODUCER1313 Kg1418 Kg1523 Kg
Packing dimensions basic machine or with motorised EXIT: WxDxH3431x1100x1868 mm3622x1100x1868 mm4040x1100x1868 mm
Packing dimensions machine with EXIT, FOLD and FEEDER: WxDxH3413x1100x1868 mm3622x1100x1868 mm4040x1100x1868 mm
ss weight basic machine and with motorised EXIT1263 Kg1378 Kg1493 Kg
Gross weight with EXIT and FOLD1413 Kg1528 Kg1643 Kg
Electric power basic machine49,3 kW52,9 kW61,9 kW
Steam power basic machine0,7 kW0,7 kW0,7 kW
Gas power basic machine0,9 kW0,9 kW0,9 kW
Electrical Machine Power with EXIT49,5 kW52,9 kW61,9 kW
Steam Machine Power with EXIT0,9 kW0,9 kW0,9 kW
Gas Machine Power with EXIT1,1 kW1,1 kW1,1 kW
Electrical Machine Power with EXIT, FOLDER and INTRODUCER49,5 kW53,1 kW62,1 kW
Steam Machine Power with EXIT, FOLDER and INTRODUCER0,9 kW0,9 kW0,9 kW
Gas Machine Power with EXIT, FOLDER and INTRODUCER1,1 kW1,1 kW1,1 kW
Steam Consumption100 Kg/h110 Kg/h125 Kg/h
Air compressed consumption (with EA or EB)500 lt/h500 lt/h500 lt/h
Air compressed pressure (with EA or EB)6 bar6 bar6 bar

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