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IM 10

The Touch-screen IM10

is an authentic interface between operator and machine that allows:

  • Infinite programs that can be stored and edited
  • Ease of programme selection
  • Parameters that can be modified during the cycle
  • Customizable images and high resolution displays
  • Ability to associate database or custom icons to each program

The machines are equipped with a USB port that connects IM10 with the world through a standard USB stick for:

  • load/download programs and transfer programs from one machine to another
  • load in the dryer screen saver images and program identification icons
  • loading machine configuration presets to facilitate replacement of spare parts
  • upload/download files . doc . pdf not viewable on IM10 display, but available on USB port for viewing on PC
  • download data on cycles performed (up to 5000)
Microprocessore_touch screen_IM10