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designing your clean

IM 10

The Touch-screen IM10

is an authentic interface between operator and machine that allows:

  • Infinite programs that can be stored and edited
  • Ease of programme selection
  • Parameters that can be modified during the cycle
  • Customizable images and high resolution displays
  • Ability to associate database or custom icons to each program

The machines are equipped with a USB port that connects IM10 with the world through a standard USB stick for:

  • load/download programs and transfer programs from one machine to another
  • load in the dryer screen saver images and program identification icons
  • loading machine configuration presets to facilitate replacement of spare parts
  • upload/download files . doc . pdf not viewable on IM10 display, but available on USB port for viewing on PC
  • download data on cycles performed (up to 5000)

How to “sew” customized programs?
WIZARD is a free PC program that allows you to:

  • remotely build/copy/paste even programs of considerable complexity
  • download programs to any memory drive
  • send and share programs by mail
  • share programs on the internet. IMESA program sets are available in the technical area of the site, downloadable via Wizard and transferred to the machine via the USB port

IMESA has always been at the forefront of electronics; the lines MANGANO, CALANDRA and ESSICCATOIO are equipped with communication system via GSM that allows the diagnosis of malfunctions and remote control
GSM means remote control, that is: – DIAGNOSIS – ASSISTANCE
The GSM application was created to make the machine communicate remotely.

We were the first to experience such control.
Our service center in IMESA receives SMS from the machine 7/7days, 24/24h.