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MCA 150 – 180 – 210

IMESA MCA drying ironers dry and iron damp linen in a single operation.
IMESA MCA drying ironers are designed to guarantee continuous production and high quality ironing.
The compact size and possibility of installation against a wall make MCA models ideal for restaurants, pubs and small/medium sized hotels.

IM10 computer touch screen for easy programming and monitoring of drying cycles.

Like a real tablet, the IM10 touch screen has the same intelligibility, ergonomics and potential as a computer.

Memorisation of infinite ironing programmes

Parameters can be modified during the cycle

IMESA MCA series 33 mm diam. drying ironers are available with 150 cm, 180 cm and 210 cm roller.

  • 2 heating methods: electric or gas
  • The inverter fitted as standard electronically regulates ironing speed for maximum productivity on the basis of the moisture in the fabric and ironing temperature.
  • Automatic speed/temperature compensation: the speed of the roller is set automatically according to the temperature, facilitating the operator’s work and guaranteeing top quality results.
  • System cooldown: saves energy and helps preserve the ironing belts.

IM 10

Discover the innovative touch-screen interface

Chromed steel roller for a long working life.
NOMEX feed and ironing belts, resistant to very high temperatures.
Filters on the air intakes for an efficient vapour aspiration system.
All parts in movement during ironing are inaccessible: the operator can rely on total protection and work with absolute peace of mind.
The hand safety bar prevents hands and arms from being accidentally inserted in the space between the roller and the chest and avoids dragging of excessively thick fabric or objects
Double emergency stops on both sides
Ironing surface1504 mm1880 mm2068 mm
Rotation Speed1-6 mt/min1-6 mt/min1-6 mt/min
Ironing Humidity Required50%50%50%
Humid Air Drain 100 Ø mm100 Ø mm100 Ø mm
Smokes Drain 100 Ø mm100 Ø mm100 Ø mm
Humid Air Flowrate350 m3/h350 m3/h350 m3/h
Size: LxWxH2134 x 598 x 1092 mm2514 x 598 x 1092 mm2704 x 598 x 1092 mm
Net Weight (electric/gas)382 / 412 Kg431 / 449 Kg505 / 451 Kg
Packaging Size: LxWxH2230 x 710 x 1270 mm2610 x 710 x 1270 mm2800 x 710 x 1270 mm
Gross Weight (electric/gas)420 / 450 Kg478 / 496 Kg556 / 502 Kg
Electrical Heating20,7 kW25,2 kW28,8 kW
Gas Power22 kW24,6 kW26 kW
Container 20" - 40" loading plan8 - 16 pcs6 - 12 pcs6 - 12 pcs

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