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Tumble Dryers ES GREEN 10-14-18 kg

Thanks to its closed-circuit operation, with the ES GREEN tumble dryer heated by ELECTRIC HEAT PUMP, there are no emissions to the outside and it can therefore be installed even in a closed environment.


  • CLOSED CIRCUIT SYSTEM: unlike traditional dryers, it requires no outlet for emissions.
  • The air is heated by a SMALL GROUP OF HEATING ELEMENTS and circulates in the drum where it absorbs moisture
  • THE MOISTURE IS CONDENSED by a coolant unit and then separated.
  • THE WATER IS DRAINED and the dry air is returned to the heating elements, then back into the circuit.



  • The power needed to operate a dryer with heat pump is about one third the power needed to operate a traditional dryer.
  • The energy consumed for one cycle is LESS THAN 50% the energy consumed by a traditional dryer.

IM10 computer touch screen for easy programming and monitoring of drying cycles.

Like a real tablet, the IM10 touch screen has the same intelligibility, ergonomics and potential as a computer.

Infinite drying solutions.

Drying parameters can be modified after the cycle is started.

Display signalling for the essential cleaning of the filter.

AISI 304 stainless steel drum without sharp edges to further protect the items.

imesa dryers, essiccatoio professionale
  • The inside of the machine is heat insulated to avoid heat dispersion
  • Regulation of the number of drum and extractor fan rotations
  • Multi-step heating function: allows optimal temperature management during each cycle ensuring greater sensitivity in the treatment of garments
  • Self-diagnosis to facilitate maintenance.

IM 10

Discover the innovative touch-screen interface

Learn more
Standard emergency button, black sectioner handle and rusting treatment on door
Door with double glass for perfect heat insulation and energy savings
Double filter on the airline for perfect cleanliness without external contamination
A range of different preheating elements are available
USB port
Drum Size756 x 420 Ø x P mm756 x 585 Ø x P mm756 x 767 Ø x P mm
Drum Volume189 lt.263 lt.345 lt.
Drying Speed38 r.p.m. regolabile da inverter38 r.p.m. regolabile da inverter38 r.p.m. regolabile da inverter
Condensed Water Drain Diameter34 Ø34 Ø34 Ø
Size: LxWxH791x1117x1846 mm791x1284x1846 mm791x1451x1846 mm
Net Weight317 Kg337 Kg352 Kg
Packaging Size: LxWxH840x1460x1990 mm840x1460x1990 mm840x1460x1990 mm
Gross Weight328 Kg348 Kg368 Kg
Standard Power6,85 kW6,85 kW6,85 kW
Container 20" - 40" loading plane10 - 22 pcs10 - 22 pcs10 - 22 pcs

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