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Tumble Dryer ES 55-75 Kg

IMESA ES series 55 and 75 kg tumble dryers are the optimum solution for medium/high productivity laundries. The result is perfectly dried linen. The standard drum rotation inversion greatly reduces consumption.
An excellent result is guaranteed, even with large items of linen!

IM10 computer touch screen for easy programming and monitoring of drying cycles.

Like a real tablet, the IM10 touch screen has the same intelligibility, ergonomics and potential as a computer.

Infinite drying solutions.

Drying parameters can be modified after the cycle is started.

Display signalling for the essential cleaning of the filter.

AISI 304 stainless steel drum without sharp edges to further protect the items.

  • 3 heating methods: electric, steam, gas
  • Rotation speed and rotation/pause times can be modified for perfect treatment of all types of linen.
  • Uniform temperature and hot air flow throughout the drum for even drying
  • Multi-step heating function: allows optimal temperature management during each cycle ensuring greater sensitivity in the treatment of garments
  • Controlled air movement in the drum for perfect drying and low consumption.
  • Cooldown as standard and anti-crease function for perfect, easy ironing
  • Control of moisture and air flow for improved dryer efficiency
  • Power Control function: the dryer can be heated at various power levels. The operator can programme different power levels during the same cycle

IM 10

Discover the innovative touch-screen interface

Learn more
Door with double glass for perfect heat insulation and energy savings
Large door with 180° opening
Drying chamber insulated thermally and acoustically with rockwool to avoid heat loss to the outside, exploit the hot air and reduce consumption
Automatic motorised door, immediate secure closing
Available Tilt system to load and unload the linen
USB port
MODELLIES 55ES 55 T1ES 55 T2ES 75ES 75 T1ES 75 T1
Drum Size1202x960 Ø x P mm1202x960 ØxP mm1202x960 ØxP mm1202x1310 ØxP mm1202x1310 ØxP mm1202x1310 ØxP mm
Drum Volume1086 lt.1086 lt.1086 lt.1486 lt.1486 lt.1486 lt.
Drying Speed25 r.p.m.25 r.p.m.25 r.p.m.25 r.p.m.25 r.p.m.25 r.p.m.
Drain Flow1980 m3/h1980 m3/h1980 m3/h1980 m3/h1980 m3/h1980 m3/h
Drain Flow300 Ø300 Ø300 Ø300 Ø300 Ø300 Ø
Size: LxWxH1360x1700x2260mm1360x1996x2516 mm1360x1996x2516 mm1360x1930x2260 mm1360x1930x2260 mm1360x1930x2260 mm
Net Weight electric/gas/steam813/827/806 Kg959/972/952 Kg963/977/956 Kg957/971/ 972 Kg1103 /1117/1116Kg1107/1121/1122 Kg
Packaging Size: LxWxH1540x1700x2430mm1540x1700x2230mm1540x1700x2230mm1540x2050x2430 mm1540x2050x2430 mm1540x2050x2430 mm
Gross Weight electric/gas/steam882 / 896 / 875Kg1028/1042/1021 Kg1032/1046/1025 Kg1021/1035/1036 Kg1167/1181/1180 Kg1171/1185/1186 Kg
Electrical Heating Power58,5 kW58,5 kW58,5 kW97,5 kW97,5 kW97,5 kW
Steam Consumption71 Kg71 Kg71 Kg97 Kg97 Kg97 Kg
Gas Power Installed105 kW105 kW105 kWG20: 135 kWG20: 135 kWG20: 135 kW
Container 20" - 40" loading plan3 - 7 pcs3 - 7 pcs3 - 7 pcs3 - 7 pcs3 - 7 pcs3 - 7 pcs

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