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Tumble Dryers ES Smart Line 10-14-18-23-34 Kg

What is needed of a tumble dryer? Drying which is both effective and at the same time delicate in respect of the fibres. The ES line is designed to operate with the highest productivity and maximum simplicity. The constant improvements introduced make the machines ever more ergonomic, economical and reliable.


IM10 computer touch screen for easy programming and monitoring of drying cycles.

Like a real tablet, the IM10 touch screen has the same intelligibility, ergonomics and potential as a computer.

Infinite drying solutions.

Drying parameters can be modified after the cycle is started.

Display signalling for the essential cleaning of the filter.

AISI 304 stainless steel drum without sharp edges to further protect the items.

IMESA_ES_con donna IM10
  • 3 heating methods: electric, steam, gas
  • Multi-step heating function: allows optimal temperature management during each cycle ensuring greater sensitivity in the treatment of garments
  • Smart control of air movement in the drum for perfect drying and low consumption
  • Cooldown as standard and anti-crease function for perfect, easy ironing

IM 10

Discover the innovative touch-screen interface

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Standard smaller emergency button, black sectioner handle and rusting treatment on door
Door with double glass for perfect heat insulation and energy savings
On the 23 and 34 kg models, large door to facilitate loading and unloading
Drum rotation inversion for more efficient, more uniform drying of clothes, preventing large items from tangling
Safe and reliable closing system with double covered magnet
Tear-proof filter with high filtering power, easy to remove for greater efficiency
Reliable drive system for less vibrations and less noise. Less impact on the work environment
Also ideal for self-service installations
USB port
Drum Size756 x 420 Ø x P mm756 x 585 ØxP mm756 x 767 ØxP mm977 x 590 ØxP mm977 x 870 ØxP mm
Drum Volume189 lt.263 lt.345 lt.443 lt.653 lt.
Drying Speed38 r.p.m.38 r.p.m.38 r.p.m.44 r.p.m.44 r.p.m.
Drain Flow1200 m3/h1200 m3/h1200 m3/h1680 m3/h1680 m3/h
Drain Diameter150 Ø150 Ø150 Ø200 Ø200 Ø
Size: LxWxH791x702x1804 mm791x874x1804 mm791x1051x1804 mm1022x918x1932 mm1022x1188x1932 mm
Net Weight electric/gas/steam203 / 201 / 207 Kg217 / 215 / 221 Kg233 / 230 / 234 Kg286 / 287 / 290 Kg323 / 321 / 323 Kg
Packaging Size: LxWxH840x740x1920 mm840x890x1920 mm840x1070x1920 mm1060x950x2050 mm1060x1220x2050 mm
Gross Weight electric/gas/steam210 / 208 / 214 Kg225 / 223 / 229 Kg245 / 242 / 246 Kg298 / 300 / 303 Kg341 / 339 / 341 Kg
Electrical Heating Power18 kW18 kW24 kW24 kW36 kW
Steam Consumption26 Kg36 Kg46 Kg49 Kg73 Kg
Power29,4 kW29,4 kW29,4 kW37,8 kW50,4 kW
Container 20" - 40" loading plan20 - 42 pcs12 - 28 pcs12 - 28 pcs12 - 24 pcs10 - 21 pcs

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