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IM11_Connectivity is now


The expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s customer are to have smart devices, connected to network, able to communicate, in order to control every single function and to optimize consumption.

Smart devices able to MONITOR THE LAUNDRY ROOM and to constantly check the correct functioning.

Smart devices able to ANALYZE PROCESSES and consequently boost profits.

Smart devices able to REDUCE MACHINE STOPPAGE TIME by quickly reporting undesirable anomalies.

IMESA successfully meets market’s expectations expectations putting in place its IM11 COMPUTER and a TAILOR-MADE WEB TECHNOLOGY:  ALL MADE IN ITALY, ALL MADE IN IMESA.

We develop hardware and software inside IMESA – this is the reason why they are constantly implemented and upgraded.

Being constantly connected with your laundromat means keeping you always updated.

You are always able to control your washing machine, no matter where you are.

Being constantly connected with your laundromat means significantly reducing the number of routine checkup times for your machine and saving time for real business.

Connectivity keeps your washers “up-to-date“ and efficient, thanks to software updates.

These updates are available online and ensure the ergonomics and practicality of these machines.

Constant upgrade permits IMESA to increasingly tailor its washing machines to customers’ needs.

IM11 web technology crosses every geographical barriers and allows IMESA to intervene anytime, anywhere.