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Alessia Miotto new CEO of ASAC Srl

Alessia Miotto, Vice President in charge of IMESA Spa, is the new CEO of ASAC Srl.

Graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Padua, Alessia began her professional career in the field of civil works design. Since 2018 he actively supports Carlo Miotto, CEO of IMESA Spa, in the management of the two companies belonging to the family group, IMESA Spa and ASAC Srl.

IMESA Spa, leading Italian manufacturer of laundry solutions, has been exporting Made in Italy products worldwide for over 50 years.

ASAC Srl, founded in 1988, has been active for decades as a manufacturer of solutions for the and Hospitality maket. The products targeted at this sector, range from wireless communication devices with proprietary technology to software applications and CLOUD solutions for the management of operations such as collecting orders and managing flows in kitchens.

In natural continuity with this business environment, the technological growth path led ASAC first to operate in the world of asset traceability and then to become a reality in the world of IoT solutions development at the service of manufacturers of industrial equipment. ASAC is therefore now able to manage the entire IoT ecosystem, from the design and production of electronic boards for the control of equipment, to the development and maintenance of the necessary CLOUD services.

Teamwork makes the dreams work” is Alessia’s saying. “I believe a lot in teamwork and synergy between people, almost nothing is impossible in a heterogeneous and enterprising team and collaboration and confrontation are the best way to turn a dream into a project and a project into a result”

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