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Flatwork Ironer FI 1000/25 – 1250/25 – 1500/25 – 1500/33 – 1750/33 – 2000/33

The IMESA FI series flatwork ironer is incomparable: top performance and maximum productivity.
The IMESA FI series flatwork ironer is fitted with the most modern control systems to make the work in the laundry simple and safe.
It is the ideal solution for ironing linen in restaurants, small hotels and agritourisms.

EVO.LINE is a new look. Grey represents balance, love of technology, conveying strength and solidity. Black is elegance.

IM10 computer touch screen for easy programming and monitoring of drying cycles.

The patented technology confirms the absolute supremacy of the IMESA flatwork ironer.

The IMESA FI ironer are available 1000- 1250- 1500 mm long diam. 25 or 1500-1750-2000mm long diam. 33.

The linear action allows ironing pressure to be controlled and the programme to be adapted to the type of fabric being treated.

Torsion bar to guarantee uniform pressure of the chest throughout the entire length of the roller to guarantee the best possible results

Anti-panic bar on the front of the machine, an added touch of safety for the operator that only IMESA can guarantee.

mangano professionale
  • Electronically controlled ironing pressure.
  • Programmes with customised temperature and speed for different types of fabric for perfect ironing, even with difficult creases.
  • Uniform chest pressure throughout the entire length of the roller for top quality ironing.
  • Electronic ironing speed control by inverter.
  • Automatic regulation of ironing speed to compensate for temperature variation: constant quality results.
  • Cool down system useful to save energy and preserve over time the good state of the roller coating

IM 10

Discover the innovative touch-screen interface

Heating chest in chromed steel, rather than aluminium - less expansion and surface porosity
Nomex chest cover - resistant to high temperature
Ironing start and stop pedals operated by a simple pressure of the foot
The hand safety bar prevents hands and arms from being accidentally inserted in the space between the roller and the chest and avoids dragging of excessively thick fabric or objects
MODELLIFI 1000/25FI 1250/25FI 1500/25FI 1500/33FI 1750/33FI 2000/33
Ironing surface1000 mm1250 mm1500 mm1500 mm1750 mm2000 mm
Rotation Speed1-6 mt/min1-6 mt/min1-6 mt/min1-6 mt/min1-6 mt/min1-6 mt/min
Ironing pressure (controllable)214 - 322 Kg/mt²214 - 322 Kg/mt²214 - 322 Kg/mt²214 - 322 Kg/mt²214 - 322 Kg/mt²214 - 322 Kg/mt²
Ironing Humidity Required20%20%20%20%20%20%
Humid Air Drain 73 (opt) Ømm73 (opt) Ømm73 (opt) Ømm73 Ømm73 Ømm73 Ømm
Suction Flow200 (opt) m3/h200 (opt) m3/h200 (opt) m3/h200 m3/h200 m3/h200 m3/h
Size: LxWxH1513x671x1087 mm1763x671x1087 mm2013x671x1087 mm2013x671x1157 mm2263x671x1157 mm2513x671x1157 mm
Net Weight159 Kg174 Kg198 Kg220 Kg241 Kg268 Kg
Packaging Size: LxWxH1620x724x1203 mm1870x724x1203 mm2120x724x1203 mm2100x724x1273 mm2350x724x1273 mm2600x724x1273 mm
Gross Weight176 Kg192 Kg218 Kg240 Kg261 Kg289 Kg
Power4,9 kW5,8 kW8,1 kW8,1 kW11,1 kW14,1 kW

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