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Peristaltic Pump and IM11

With the new IM11 computer, we have innovated the peristaltic pumps system with considerable advantages for the user and the detergent.

The novelties that IMESA uses on its washing machines are the following:

  • 1 pump model only instead of two as before
  • Ability to program the pumps at TIME, WEIGHT or in % SOLUTION.
  • Dedicated area to the detergent maker in the Iot IMESA platform to set up and store their own recipes.
  • Wall panel supplied equipped with: a) peristaltic pumps, in the quantity required by the Customer, complete with suction lances equipped with leveled. b) A load manifold connected to a flush valve for rinsing the collector with cold water.c) Own power supply.
  • Control of the level of detergent in the tank through the lances and activation of the exhaust signal that, through the Iot, reaches in real time the laundry manager.
  • Two modes for managing peristaltic pumps: a)external predisposition to the machine, b) Pumps sold with the machine

For an optimal soaps dosing system, it is important to create the right balance between product dosing, washing programmes and the working system. IMESA, through the new IM11 computer, guarantees a total flexibility in the programming of washing cycles according to the new system peristaltic pumps to complete the washing machine range.