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My friend is called Custom

Hi Maura, tell us about the new project you managed and completed on behalf of IMESA.

The project concerns that part of the work we carry out in administration aimed at handling the sale of goods destined for non-EU territory, which represents about 40% of our turnover. Customs has recognized us with two certifications: the status of approved exporter and the recognition of a customs area in the finished product warehouse area.

It basically delegated us to do a part of the work that normally falls to them:

  • approved exporter status: a proxy that allows us to grant duty relief to our customers using an authorisation number issued by customs.
  • domiciled customs means a delegation which allows us to carry out the clearance of goods on export, without the goods having to be physically brought to a customs office.

This recognition brings IMESA economic benefits , added value for the customer who sees its import procedures simplified and speeded up and an image of serious and reliable company recognized worldwide.

This project is the result of collaboration, support and ideas not only mine but also my colleagues.

How did you find yourself interacting with a structure as complex as the Customs Agency?

In general, interacting with the Customs Agency and the authorities tend first of all to put in awe.
Preparation and competence are the only means of establishing a relationship of dialogue and collaboration.

I have to tell you the truth, we have always received satisfaction in this regard during their inspections, including surprise ones.

You are an “old staff” in Imesa, not wanting to use this noun, but surely you have lived the company in growth and change. Tell us a little IMESA in your own way.

When I arrived here,  Imesa was a small reality compared to the big companies in the market, but it had grit and ambition. The first years were not always easy but the tenacity, dedication and farsightedness gave reason to the Miotto family.

Working alongside them, I, as well as my “old people” colleagues, have made our own their unconditional passion for this company.

A family business where private issues naturally merged with work, involving us in such a way that we feel responsibly part of it. It wasn’t always easy, actually. Gaining their trust has been a real achievement to be proud of, a trust that, I would say, has always been well placed and recognized.

The growth of Imesa has been constant over time, and with her we have also grown, ready to increase our skills, with a continuous search for the new in order to accompany the company towards ambitious goals. For this reason the many changes that inevitably and fortunately have been there, have always been experienced as new opportunities for the company, but not only, have always been welcomed and interpreted as an opportunity to give the best of ourselves.

But my Imesa, the Imesa of the “old people”, is also that of a group of people who wanted to be together, to share not only the work but also their free time.

The parties, the aperitifs, the organized trips, the spaghetti at Carlo’s house, the dinners at the end of the year, in simplicity, but with a keen desire to share. A company of people who have always welcomed new colleagues as new travel companions and who have greeted with pain those who have left.

The Imesa of the present, is a company that, like yesterday, constantly looks to the future with new eyes and that today more than ever needs to respond to the new and increasingly pressing challenges of the markets. Strong of our past, it is natural for us to feel the need to implement our luggage and give the maximum, the guarantee is that in Imesa you never get bored!

We dream a bit now. With a snap of fingers, instead of making ends meet in IMESA, what would you like to do?
Dare with fantasy, otherwise it’s not funny.

I would like to be a researcher chemist. I have always been fascinated by the periodic table of elements.

You know I see you in white shirts and glasses on your nose mixing magic potions? But not understanding anything of periodic table elements…. I decide to move on to another topic.

Mom to mom, how did you survive the Covid-children?

As for everyone it was not easy. Thinking back to the family as a work team, we shared the tasks and, inevitably, responsabilized our children trying to plan the days together: we made a lot of scoreboards!!
Not all evil comes to harm, now the cook of the house is my daughter!

Great!  Next project?
The next project is to grant Imesa the status of authorised economic operator “AEO”, a kind of reliability and solvency licence issued by the Customs Agency that aims both to obtain additional export facilities but also to be used as a quality mark of the company.

I’m sure we’ll have another chat soon.
Thank you Maura for your time and for your sympathy.
Good  job.