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MADE in IMESA and the Silk Road

IMESA and the water, a relationship that has lasted for over 50 years for professionalism and for its proximity to Venice.
The “Serenissima” Republic of Venice was a great maritime republic and during its 1100 years of history it became one of the major European commercial and naval powers.

Venice is the most famous city on water that, over the centuries, has seen people and goods leaving and arriving from all over the world.

Perhaps the best known is Marco Polo, who arrived to the court of Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, when China was a mysterious land. 24 years later he came back sailing to the Persian Gulf on a fleet of 14 reeds, thus starting an adventurous and magical journey into the sea.

Today the world’s sea routes are many and connect the most remote places on earth, furrowed by commercial ships, merchant ships passenger ships, military ships, research vessels, fishing vessels, oil platforms and yatch.
For years IMESA has been travelling around the world with washing machines and dryers produced specifically for the shipping industry.

We like to think that also thanks to Marco Polo, as well as to BAST MARINE CHINE, if today IMESA is present on the “working vessels” fleet of the China Merchants Holding Industry.
CMHI is a pioneer of China’s national industry and trade.
In its 146 years of history the company established the first merchant fleet, the first Chinese bank and the first Chinese insurance company, playing an important role in modern China.

In 1978, the company gave a major contribution to the opening, investing and developing of the Shekou Industrial Zone, the world’s first open area in China, and launching the China Merchants Bank and Pingan Insurance Company, the first Chinese bank and insurance company.


Despite strong local competition our machines have been chosen by this historic and important Chinese state group, leader in the shipbuilding industry.

A great success for the Made in Italy, a great success for IMESA!

Laundry equipment for marine sector often has a hard life: the clothes to be washed are very dirty and the atmosphere is very corrosive compromising machinery and equipment.
The laundry room is often placed in the habitable area, a condition that makes it essential to minimize the noise and vibrations during the work cycles.
IMESA manufactures and offers stainless steel washing machines and stable and robust dryers perfectly suitable for use on ships.

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