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Hygiene and safety in hospitals and nursing homes

HYGIENE AND SAFETY in hospitals and nursing homes are essential conditions to ensure the health of guests and operators.

How to reach the desired standard?
Laundry operations within these facilities shall ensure disinfection and sanitation of all treated fabrics from the inpatient rooms, surgery and kitchens.

  1. The separation of the spaces guarantees maximum safety and almost zero risk of contamination between dirty/clean garments placing the loading and unloading of the linen in two separate rooms.
  2. The washing machine is indispensable to put in the technical field and result.
    The IMESA D2W aseptic barrier washing machine line, available with 18-23-30 and 55 kg capacity, is designed to achieve maximum hygiene in washing processes.
    The programming, garments loading and maintenance operations are carried out on the infected side, to avoid contamination risks and maintain a high level of hygiene.
    Electronic management of the opening of both doors avoids opening errors during the cycle and any type of contamination
    On the clean side is mounted the IM10 touch screen to display also from the aseptic room the correct progress of the program, the residual time and the end of the washing cycle.
  3. The IM11 IMESA interface mounted on the infected side allows total control of all parameters and therefore a customization of the work cycles in all its phases.
    It is important to choose the right washing cycle according to the type of tissue to be treated, the type of stain and the type of infection (fungi, bacteria or virus ).
    It should be remembered that the most effective cycles are those that reach a level of cleaning/hygiene type A+B, that is, those who guarantee the elimination of fungi, bacteria and even viruses.
    The desired degree of cleanliness is achieved with the combination of machine+ chemistry. That’s why IMESA D2W washing machines are easily and totally programmable and the right solution!

We remind you that the models with 30 and 55 Kg capacity are equipped with SLIDING doors, practical and not bulky, a detail apparently secondary but highly ergonomic in terms of operation and space.

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