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The correct answer is: Transmits the motion from engine to basket

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Component n. 3

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Engine pulley

The pulley transmits the motion from the engine to the basket. One pulley is mounted on the motor and one on the basket and they are connected to each other by a transmission belt.

The technological evolution has been the transition from a more flexible belt system to the use of the current poly-v belt with high performance and long life.

The pulleys installed in the latest models of washing machines IMESA ensure greater adherence to the poly-v belt, transmitting efficiently the motion, avoiding dispersion of movement that also results in energy savings.
The pulleys allow to manage the number of turns of the basket, both in the washing machine and in the dryer.

Based on the reduction ratio between the diameters of the pulleys used, it acts on the high number of engine revolutions, reaching the desired basket rotation speed, thus allowing the control of the behavior of the laundry during washing and drying phases.

The control and knowledge of the movement of the linen in the basket is essential to obtain an excellent result during washing and drying phases. The choice of a correct pulley preserves the belt, ensures better transmission of the movement and optimizes the rotation speed of the basket.