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The correct answer is: Break the basket movement. 

If your answer is correct, congratulations!!!

Turn the card over for more information on the component and technical performance.

Component n. 2

Turn the card and read

Front hub bearing

The bearings have the function of keeping the basket in the right position,
eliminating friction during the rotation of the shaft and transmitting the movement to the hub.

It is important that the bearings are sized on the load capacity of the washing machine,
on the exercise factor ( daily working time of the washing machine) and on potential imbalances.
Laboratory tests conducted in IMESA allow such calculations
to be made through the study of the behaviour of linen inside the washing basket.

When does a bearing fail to function?
When the part is defective or when it is damaged by high loads or imbalances.

What happens in the washing machine if the bearings do not hold?
In the beginning it increases the noise of the machine, in the long term the bearing is ruined until it fails.

Following a comprehensive analysis by our R&D team, which involved not only the bearings but also the transmission shafts
and the degree of hardness of the cast iron of hubs and pulleys, effective solutions have been put in place over time,
making the system reliable, and reducing critical issues.

The roller bearings we currently use are supplied by the world’s largest manufacturer
and give total reliability during assembly and use.
In addition to the component we modified the mounting position, with excellent results.