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The correct answer is: Low frequency motion control. 

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Component n. 1

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Cradle spring LM 100-125 Kg

The spring has the function of supporting the washer during washing phase, more precisely it performs the support function in the presence of slow variations in the movement of the basket at low frequency.
In the presence of high frequency movements, however, such as during the spin phase, shock absorbers come into play.

Springs and shock absorbers control the movement of the basket, in a different way, in order to avoid excessive displacements: the spring is opposed to a force while the shock absorbers burn friction.
Springs are essential in high spin washing machines (IMESA LM series), they help to reduce the force discharged to the ground. Without these components, the washing machine must be fixed to the floor (IMESA RC series)

Years ago IMESA manufactured the springs for large-capacity washing machines in-house, the technology and the mounting techniques were obviously different.
Today we use a renewed included a spring model commissioned to our design, with excellent performance and reliability.